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rethinking western christanity and islam.

Praise Jah

for all my beatifull African people i man always pray for you all, I man would like to see all African people here in the dispora and in the mammaland free itself from any form's of bondage.like religon i would all of my African brothers and sisters out there to Rethink western christanity and islam.

western christanity- Which is a fabricated form of faith have done a lot of damage to people of color. They enslaved many to look up at a white geesus and force them to accept this so called white man paradise or be killed rape. Because of the follyiness of white christanity which brought many Africans to the new world in one of the worst forms of genocide recorded.

islam- islam still today has shown and has always been a racist doctrine toward blacks, malcom x saw it saudi arabia and many black muslims have felt the racism in the arab world. They were the frist ones to start the slave trade and made a pact with the europeans on who gets what slaves,Groups who like to say islam is a black religon need to study history and see that islam in know friend to the black man and only want him to convert by force or die a slave.
i just wanted to share this with you all.
hon Ras Jon

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