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Another article to consider

Ray Cleghorn

Recently an 86-year-old African man, Walter Mbotela, stood looking at a pit in Kenya where Arabs kept his grandfather until the slave ships arrived. He stated, "Africans don't like Arabs much because they sold our grandfathers". His grandfather was more fortunate than most Africans captured by Arabs in the Nineteenth Century. He was set free by a British warship, which caught the slave ship of his captors.

There has been an ongoing effort by Moslems in the U.S. for many years to convert Black Americans to Islam. Much of their success has been based on a lie. This lie asserts" Your ancestors in Africa were Moslem, the slaves who came to this country were Moslem and You too should be one." This is certainly an untruth. In fact that is precisely why they were slaves, because they were not Muslims. Even if it were true it would not be a valid reason for conversion to a false religion. Many of our ancestors, including some of my Scottish ancestors, may very well have been involved in a pagan religion such as Druidism, but that does not mean that we should revert to a deception just because our ancestors were deceived. God has given us a better revelation.

But the fact is that the vast majority, if not all of Black Americans' ancestors were non-Muslims. In the hideous days of slave trade, Arab-Moslem nations had made headway into African culture and had indeed converted many to their belief. But most were still non -Muslim. So the Moslems simply sold the non-Moslem Africans to the slave traders. They did not sell their fellow Moslems unless they were vacillating on their belief or an incorrigible or a criminal. Some were sold to the Arabs by other Africans who found it a good way to dispose of enemies but most we stolen from their homes in night raids by Arabs, who then marched them long distances to caves or pits dug in the ground to be taught submission while awaiting the slave ships.

White slave traders could not very well go into the heart of Africa capture people and return to their ships unharmed. This was unimaginable. They would have been so out numbered that they would have never made it back, But the Arab Moslems could because they were thought to be friends. They changed their usual practice from killing those who would not convert to Islam to selling them into slavery. The facts are that the actual hands on capture of Africans destined for America was performed by Arab/Moslems who had been selling Africans to other Moslem countries for centuries.

Arab slave trade had been established since 650AD and continued until the early 1900's. It became a very profitable enterprise. I'm sure many Africans saved themselves and their families from slavery simply by becoming a Moslem. The choice was usually convert or be sold into slavery. It would be very very hard to find an African American whose ancestors was actually a Moslem. And even harder to find one who was one converted by choice. Moslems sold African Americans ancestors into slavery and now it is again Moslems who want them to revert into spiritual slavery by converting to Islam.

I would sincerely hope that none of our African-American Brothers or Sisters would even consider the false religion of Islam but certainly that they would not do so because of a deception that their ancestors may have been something they were not.

Part Two

Any one who considers becoming a Moslem believing that they are following in their ancestors footsteps should review the brutal facts that history records about the true attitudes and actions of the Moslems towards black Africans who would not convert and understand the atrocities committed on them by Moslems.

One example of the hideous nature of Arab/Moslem treatment of those captured for salves was to castrate many of the males. This in itself was bad enough but the procedure was an unusually cruel and unnecessary method of making them eunuchs. They not only removed their entire scrotum but their penis as well totally de-masculating them. Only one in ten survived the ordeal and in some cases only one in thirty. Arab slavers reasoned that if they were strong enough to survive this ordeal they were strong enough to perform hard labor.

Another common practice was to march them long distances to holding areas, shackled with bands around their necks connected with chains. If some one collapsed from exhaustion they simply beheaded them in order to Quickly remove them from the chain and moved own. One would think that no black person knowing this could even think of identifying with Islam.

The racist attitude of the Islamic scholars of the day are exemplified in the recorded remarks of the famous Arab philosopher Ibn Khaldun, Khaldun wrote "The only people who accept slavery are the Negroes, owing to their low degree of humanity and their proximity to the animal stage". Even the people who made slaves of Africans must have had problems with treating human beings so wrongly. In order to justify their cruelty they needed to reduce them to animals in their own minds. They considered them no better than Apes or monkeys(Koran states unbelievers are declared as Apes 7:166). Another Arab writer, of the 14th Century, asked: "Is there anything more vile than black slaves, of less good and more evil than they?" Islam held no good thing for blacks then neither does it now. They seek to use Blacks for their own purposes now as then. Moslem scholars have tried to gloss over these facts and claimed to have been benign toward the slaves but the truth is recorded and documented.

Arab/Moslem slave ships continued to operate until the early 20th century and only ceased because of tremendous economic and military pressure put on them by the western nations, Primarily Britain and France. Even so slavery has not been totally abolished in Islamic nations. Saudi Arabia only made it illegal in 1964 and at least three Moslem nations today still practice this terrible atrocity against humanity, most notability the country of Sudan. Today in Sudan Black Africans known as the Dinkas are routinely captured and sold into slavery for the price of three cows.(See Sudan Slavery article) It seems Islams attitude has not changed over the centuries. They still want to enslave blacks either in literal slavery or the spiritual slavery of Islam.

Any black person in America who even remotely considers becoming a Moslem should consider that there is a 99% chance that their ancestors were not Moslem and if they were it was not by choice. They should also realize that reality is that the Moslems have not found a love for black people but that they have as their goal, either by persuasion or by force, to make every person black or white, in fact all races on the face of the earth, a convert to Islam even though their law says no person with a black face may enter into Islam's heaven. Surah 3:106-107 states that a black persons face would have to turn white to enter Islamic heaven. It seems that Islam has a " No blacks allowed in heaven policy"

It is my fervent hope that no person black or white will fall prey to the deception that is Islam.

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