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Racism Rears It's Ugly Head Once Again!!!!!!!!

greetings in the name of the MOST HIGH JAH RASTAFAR I SELASSIE I!!!!!!!!

bless-ed love to all
this sis just reached to settle in a new city a bit over over a week ago
i reached last week and brought the move in with a bang by going to see sizzla at a local club and was very glad to be a part of it
last monday i was downtown searching for a job and happened to find a part time vibration at &*)(%&$'@ salad's and subs (oh well, it was work) and was happy to at least have a dime come in till i could find full time work
everything seemed okay on tuesday...i caught on very fast as it is mindless work to say the least....again keeping in mind that this was just temporary....
wednesday the assistant manager grabbed the tomatoes that i was cutting out of my hand and told me to leave them as they were. i said okay, but the manager told me to cut them smaller for the wraps (which by the way are made from some sort of plasticized chicken)....so who should i listen to i said, and i also said to her very nicely, i do not think you should be grabbing things out of my hand and talking to me in such a manner.....i have shown you nothing but raspect.
next day was thursday.......i was asked to do some slicing and i did so........the same person came back and asked me if i knew how to clean a slicer....i said yes, i have done this for years.....she said okay.....i then proceeded to clean the base plate of the slicer before removing it as it was really greasy and i did not want it to slip out of my hand while removing it, much less touch it (in food service we must at times perform distasteful chores)....the same woman proceeded to GRAB the base plate from under my hand while i was cleaning it and told me it didn't look like i knew what i was doing (me, with over thirty years food service under my skirts).....all i said to the woman was you didn't give me a chance to finish the job before grabbing the base plate from me and talking ugly once again. she didn't say anything else after that
so, several hours passed and the manager came back to where i was working and said she would be out of town monday and tuesday, making all kinds of excuses for assistant manager's behavior (ie: stress, health etc) and i told her not to worry because i could ignore her comments and that everything would be cool while she was gone. the manager then said that the assistant manager did not want to hurt my feelings but that my perfume was making her get a headache.....i explained to the manager that i wore nothing but essential oils and that if it bothered her i would not wear them to work.....she said okay. later on that day they asked me about my wrap and was that acceptable to health department....i said hmmmmmmm, i have never had a problem before as my head is completely covered, ...in north carolina just a hat would not be acceptable as ones that work around open, unwrapped food must have all hair tucked in under a net....(we were just reasoning about health laws)...besides that my head was covered according to Corinthians 11 for faith based purposes.....which was also within the limits of the united states constitution according to not discriminating against ones chosen faith. again they said oh, okay.....and we went on with the day...
friday morning....work goes well until end of day.....head massa in the back doing something and the overseer was in the front with me....i said to her do not hesitate to let me know if you need me longer on monday and tuesday to help you out...she siad ok....please do not wear those oils..... everytime i pass you i become nauseous......i said but i do not have any on today as you you said they give you headaches....she got nasty and snarled at me saying you are wearing something because again, everytime i pass you or you pass me i get nauseous..........i said excuse me, i am not wearing any oils as you asked the manager to tell me not too....she insisted that i was wearing something because i was making her sick......i almost lost it but held it in and remained humble and asked her if she was sure that it was not the black in me she thought she was smelling? (no black people are employed there) she did not raspond to me then....just turned red.
so i told manager and let manager know what she said....everything seemed fine and i went on to the gates for the weekend.....(i gave thanks for having sabbath off)
today...monday morning......
i get to work at nine as rasquested by manager to help out and the door was locked
i knocked on door and the assistant manager took her time moseying over to door.....she opened door and said in a barking voice.......stay there and slammed the door back, locking it.....i was speechless after i had so cheerily said greetings and good morning....she then came back to door and opened it just a fraction and handed me the cordless phone and closed and locked the door again....i said to the phone...greetings...it was the manager....she said that she had talked to her husband and that they did not feel i was right for the job as i made the assistant manager uncomfortable...i said cool...no problem, but remember that she was the one that said i make her nauseous.....and then check this.......she told me that i should put the phone DOWN and after i leave the storefront the assistant manager would then come and get the phone. that woman should be on her knees giving the utmost thanks and praises to whomever her god is that THIS SICILIAN TUNISIAN sistren....DAWTA OF THE MOST HIGH JAH RASTAFR I EMPEROR HAILE SELASSIE I am humble now and not like i used to be.......you see, the day i went to job for first time, the channel *% news caught me on camera walking to work on *&^%$ St........if this sis was as she used to be, i would've been on EVERY channel of the local viewing district this night (instead of sitting at this machine reasoning )....for showin my natural born ass by throwin the phone thru the plateglass window and if the phone didn't shatter it the closest trash can would've.
so.....in closing...even though i have always known that racism is ever alive and growing in amerikkka (and abroad) and that i will fight it down with my last physical breath.......i give thanks and praises to my JAH that HE has changed my life, my attitude, my whole being.....and i know that this truly blatant act of racism is just a part of HIS plan for me and that HIS plan is getting ready to be revealed in its fullness in this sis life and i must give thanks for that...because in HIS time the wicked will flee..........


Sis Irijah

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Racism Rears It's Ugly Head Once Again!!!!!!!!
Re: Racism Rears It's Ugly Head Once Again!!!!!!!!
Re: Racism Rears It's Ugly Head Once Again!!!!!!!!
Re: Racism Rears It's Ugly Head Once Again!!!!!!!!
Re: Racism Rears It's Ugly Head Once Again!!!!!!!!
Re: Racism Rears It's Ugly Head Once Again!!!!!!!!
Re: Racism Rears It's Ugly Head Once Again!!!!!!!!
Re: Racism Rears It's Ugly Head Once Again!!!!!!!!
Re: Racism Rears It's Ugly Head Once Again!!!!!!!!

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