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First off, Nigeria is one of the wealthiest nations in Africa in terms of resources, intellectual wealth, culture and finances. In fact, Nigeria is wealthier than many of the so-called "parasite" nations of the "wealthy" nations of Europe and elsewhere who have very few resources and leach off the resources of other nations.

Lets start with resources. Nigeria has an abundance of resources of all types. In fact, Nigeria is so wealthy that in ancient times, during the reign of Pharaoh Neko and before, the Egyptians sent their ships to trade with people in from Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana and the West African region (see "Susu Economics," pub. by www.1stbooks.com also see http://community.webtv.net/nubianem

Nigeria has oil, the "sweet crude" varity that does not need much refining, but to be fair, the time has come for Nigerians and other West Africans to take full control of their own resources, get rid of the parasites from North Africa who are racist and continue to mistreat Blacks in these "Arab" occupied nations, yet are controlling business all over West Africa.

Nigeria also has much of the tropical foods, metals, and resources that northern nations wish they had. Nigeria is also an industrial giant in Africa and produces some of the toughest trucks, cars, lorries and such goods. In fact, Ibadan Motor Company of Nigeria is a strong company. Added to that, Nigeria has a booming computer and high tech industrial base that has existed since the late seventies (I personally worked for one such company in 1980 that had a company in Los Angeles).


Believer it or not, Nigeria has the potential to undertake Africa's first space program immediately if they wanted to do so. In fact, it is crucial and of the utmost importance that Africans get into the space exploration industry if not due to the importance space exploration has on weather and climate prediction as well as prestige. Africa has large numbers of intellectuals and tens of thousands of these scientists, doctors, physicists, teachers, businessmen HAVE LEFT THE AFRICAN CONTINENT FOR EUROPE, AMERICA, CANADA, THE MIDDLE EAST AND ELSEWHERE.

The Christian Science Monitor (September 28-30) carried an article about Africa's new crop of people determined to move the continent forward. One would be shocked to see the number of Nigerian and other African professionals that are not benefitting the African continent.

Africa has its own space and technology scientists but they are working in other nations and for other peoples. Why can't Nigeria, Zaire, South Africa, Ethiopia and other nations unite on the development of a Pan-African Space Program, where African/Black scientists from around the Diaspora and those who are willing to help can contribute. As mentioned before, as the climate changes and droughts devastate parts of the world, space exploration and space technology will be very vital. Perhaps the Chinese notice that their City, Beijing is being covered with dust from the Gobi Desert and that in order to be ahead of the rapid change in climate, they must begin to study and understand the earth and its surroundings from space. That is one reason for any nation to take to space exploration. Africa must garther its intellectuals and begin the process in order to save the continent.

Africa also produces thousands of doctors, nurses, teachers, businessmen and businesswomen, craftsmen and craftswomen, traders and all types of professionals. After all, it is in Africa that all these skills began when Europe was inhabited by Neanderthals, Asia by Homo Erectus and Africa by Black Homo Sapiens who were culturally and intellectually advanced (see "Susu Economics," pub. by www.1stbooks.com ) Throughout African history, up the very recently, Africa and Africans have established and benefited from the most ancient and one of the most beneficial trading systems on earth. Yet today, Africa seems to have fallen way at the bottom. Things must change.


If nations could survive only on their culture and close themselves from the rest of the world, the entire African continent would survive without Europe, Asia, America or Australia. For one million years Africans did survive, trade, thrive and develop. That was possible because Africans invented culture and Africans have among the most varied types of culture on earth. There are as many different types of ways of creating and expression in Africa as there are tribes and national groups.

Africa's culture is so strong that when one realizes that the Dogon, Ono, Bambara and other groups of West Africa who maintain a system of science that is thousands of years old doing the same rituals, studies, charting of stars and dances done ages ago, one is utterly astonished. The fact that the Dogon and the other tribes perform prehistoric astronomy at a time when the world may have been highly advanced and Africa was at the core is quite amazing.

The culture of Nigeria and the rest of Africa is what built nations like Brazil, Mexico, the US, the Caribbean. Before slavery, Mende-Shi from the Sahara/West Africa region contributed to the development of the Olmec civilization in Mexico and Central America. They brought African culture to that region and with the American Indians created one of America's first civilizations. It was also African people who established the first sedentary cultures in the Mississippi Valley from New Orleans to the Canadian border thousands of years before the time of Columbus and brought about the Washitaw People, a group that still exists today and is a combination of prehistoric Africans and American Indians.

African culture of the Mende-Congo linguistic family once dominated the wet, lakefilled Sahara. They began spreading out as early as 30,000 years ago in boats to the Americas, India, SE Asia and elsewhere. In fact they were not the first Africans to migrate from the continent but were among those who were culturally and materially the most organized. The first Africans actually left for Asia and went all the way to Australia about 100,000 years ago. Ben Tangghama the former Foreign Minister of Papua New Guinea put it in context when he said that the Black People of Asia (including Melanesia, Australia, West Papua, Papua New Guinea, ect) "were connected to Africa in the past, are connected to Africa in the present and will be connected to Africa in the future," see the book, "A History of the African-Olmecs," pub. by www.1stbooks.com also see "The Black Untouchables of India," www.claritypress.com


African money, gold, diamonds and other resources are among the world's richest. Yet, much of these monies and capital is under the contol of European and other foreign banks. Eventually, Africa's youth and young leadership must and will realize that if they do not want to be made into slaves (as Blacks in the Americas are being pushed into) or wiped out through racist attacks like AIDS, forced starvation and the practices of foreign invaders (like those promoting the amputation of the limbs of Africans in Sierra Leone, a practice that was introduced by North Africans and also used during Belgium slavery of Africans in the Congo by the Belgium racists who cut the limbs of Africans who did not produce as much as the colonizers wanted along with exploiters and genocidists), these new Africans who have the skills to help improve the continent (as those mentioned in the Christian Science Monitor, Sept. 28-30, 2003)

In retrospect, it is about time that Africa got a program in place that will attract its tens of thousands of scientists, doctors, nurses, teachers, professors, engineers, billionaires, traders and others who are in other lands to return to the African continent and contribute to the African Renaissance, (read the book, Susu and Susunomics, pub. by www.iUniverse.com and http://community.webtv.net/paulnubiaempire ).

Nigeria is not a poor country and they are extremely wealthy in all the areas I specified and more. The rest of Africa is just as wealthy and talented and one only has to attend an African festival or trade fair, or travel to Africa and meet with the real people (not the falsehoods of the recist media), in order to see Africa's potential.

The good thing is that Africans are uniting and have been working with Black nations of the Caribbean and elsewhere for many decades in the exchange of intellectual capital such as teachers, doctors and others, yet, in these transactions, a nation like Jamaica may send a teacher to Nigeria and a Nigerian teacher may be sent to Jamaica and so one.

Any African who reads this book, "Susu and Susunomics; The Theory and Practice of Pan-African Economic, Racial and Cultural Self-Preservation," www.iUniverse.com will find that book to have the blueprint for Black/African economic, cultural, social and scientific development. Also check for more information at http://community.webtv.net/pabarton


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