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Homeless, Saved

Being homeless, for 3 months, wid I pickney was a feeling I still haf troble describing. I remember di first night, not knowing if we would haf di money to stay a next night in di motel. Jah allways somehow provided..wid Him all became possible. It just took I woman to a higher ites. Each day grew in to a week, each week a month, an I woman haffi tek it one day at a time, sometimes one moment at a time. I did most of my mindfull meditation pon scripture whan my pickney was asleep. I would look at di yout dem, sleeping wid out a care in di world, while I was up trying to feel Jah plan, an overstan what it was he was showing me. All my time in JA, an all my time here me never find I self in dis type of situation. It finally did come clear dat Jah would use me, if I woman surrended everyting me hold of value..which I tried to do. I began going to a salvation army nearby where me used to reside, I must admit first fi food while social services played around wid I woman benefits. Soon I woman got to know di pastor an him wife, they were very spiritual people an had such heart. It tek a special couple to donate dem life to such a ministry. Nuff people me know haf some ting to do wid salvation army program, some drug rehab, some jus homeless, some both, some christians dat prefer a more relax atmosphere. I probalbly would never haf gone if me nuh in di predicamant wid di food. it took nuff to get me fi go ask fi help, as yuh know INI dont look help so easy, so it humbled me in some ways. I have a long way to go. Since finding a home, my ministry haf gotten a likkle slow, since I haffi wait pon di man to put my computer up, an I am still searching where Jahovia wants me to be. I am fully open to His will, an I woman am praying He will guide me in His direction, di only direction me whan go. If Jah nuh whant me fi go deh, den me nuh go deh. His will be done. So until Im sure where it is, here I am. One ting me haffi witness about. He was wid I woman every step of di weh. I lived on a retiremant pension from my job so dat I woman could live wid out social services until di money run out. INI never went wid out food, an INI hab nuff places fi shelter, some time at di last minute me find it. He carried INI fi sure. He will carry alla we. True Sons an Dawtah of di Most High God Jahovia will sight it like I woman did one day. He is so merciful, I thank Him everyday, I will ever confess, I once was truly blind but now I really see. As sis Carlene Davis, who is now a fully ordained minister sings, I was tossed, tattered, tired an torn. Found my self all alone, in a woefull state so deep, I couldnt cry my self to sleep. I had to swallow my pride, stop playing hide an seek, to cover my shame, but thru it all I longed fi di truth, an a contrite heart. I realize now as far back as I could go, during my younger years (even though me was Rasta)I coulda die wid out redemption. So I thank Him, for setting me free. He was di one fi me rescue. no one else coulda done dat. It was a pure miracle, both 5 years ago, whan me kanvert I self to christian, an 1 month ago upon kanverting I self from homeless to domiciled, an contented. O Jah!!!!
kaya I

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