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Re: Read St.James on works
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give thanks sistren.. di i frwd in respect how mi fi tek offense?

mi bible deh a mi yard so when mi go home mi chek up pon the verse u talk bout.. but as mi di say first time.. the conviction of the heart begin in concept(thought) ini have to will to do good for itto manifest subconsciously ini mite act 'sinnfully' unto others.. the tief pon the cross Jah know him heart.. does the scripture say to what we was being crucified for? him couldan did tief fi feed him yute an queen.. malicious acts a diffenet ting which consume di heart differently.. if that layer of malice cant move.. it is hard fi love fi penetrate.. if di i was hangin on di cross chances is are him heart did clean but him did ignorant.. access to sighting a higher mediattion maybe hadnt presented itself...

salvation is a debatable issue as ones argue on the basis of afterlife literally while ones argue that it is a peace of mind while here on earth... the tief in him final iwah sight him trangression through reasonment wit the annointed one an gained that access to a higher knowledge the murderer probably never even response fi di Iditation cah him goodly never follow di concept of faith nor religion....

As mi say from start is all a matter of what u have faith in.. an as i man stand when i speak of faith i refer to that conscious act of goodwill.. Christianity can only be a medium or access fi dat knowledge.. cah as I majesty say. there is no Justification fi war.. an ini know wha christianity has dun in the past.. that dont mek I Rastafari any nicer dan dem.. it only show ini that through acknowledging that source, what am i now goin fi do wit it... am i goin herald the name of the Christ an go shoot me bredda? an in the name of faith iman get saved? i man hold firm that the words of ini mouth an the mediattion of I heart MUST be acceptable in HIM sight Overall...

i hope mi di deal wit wah u di a inquire bout.. but reason on still... give thanks


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