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Heaven yuh know, INI sing bout it

Nuff a dem present a lie pon heaven..dem sight it as a place only an elite few, or members of a organization cya go (isample Jehova Witness), while a next group beleif it is a place whe everyone eventually go (next isample Moonies an di ones call Mormon).
Some groups claim seh deh is no heaven it nuh exist atal.(Christian Science is one group)

But wha do di bible seh bout heaven??

Jesus clearly described eternal life when Him seh to Him Faddah "And this is eternal life, that they might know you, the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent" sight John 17:3

So Bredrin, eternal life is getting to know or having a relationship wid di Faddah thru Him Son, di true King of Kings,di Lord of Lords Jesus Christ.

When reading John 3:16 I like to read it dis weh..see if yuh overstan
"God (the one an only Creator), so loved the World (all, all sinners)that He gave His only begotten Son (God the Son the Lord who died for INI sins), that whosoever believes Him (completely trust Him alone, nuh no good works, for his salvation), should not perish (be separated from God forever)but have everlasting life (an eternal relationship wid Jah)

INI cya summerize nuff a di lies:

God is allways brought down to a lower level in regard to Him identity an uniqueness

Jesus is allways brought down to a lower level in regard to Him identity an Him mission

Man is allways lifted up to a higher level in regard to Him identity an Potentiality.

Tek a look pon some a di groups I mention thru out di posts I hab made Bredrin, an sight di common factors among each..all three of these tings is true fe each group..dont fall into di trap of false doctrine.

Black Unity is a Must, an Freedom is INI struggle, but dont CONfuse INI RIGHTS, WID INI GOD

God must be lifted up infinitely higher than man in regard to His Identity or Uniqueness

Only Jesus could bridge the gap between an all Holy God and a wicked Creation

Man must be brought down to the lowest level in regard to his basic sin nature. Only through faith in Christ can man become a 'son of God' but never 'a god'

memba dis..Faith by completely trusting in Christs death, and resurrection a person can have a Iternal relationship wid Jah. It begin pon di earth an itinues throughout iternity in Heaven.

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