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Greetings to all.

First of all I would like to congratulate the writers and the moderators because of the teachingful threads I have read. On Love.

REALITY: in the heart of our African Diaspora, the Caribbean, children of the slaves who suffered what maybe constitutes the worst holocaust in the history of mankind, had developed a philosophy and ethics of life (Rasta Livity) which help the practitioner/believer to develop a sense of union with the Divine/Cosmic Force/Universal Inteligence (JAH), with all of humanity and with all of Creation, in concordance with the Natural Laws. These sufferes of the Caribbean are actually teaching to the world how to walk the path of ( a ) Christ/KRST: know yourself, love yourself (know I divine self, know I-story, Love I Culture...), look for justice for your sufferings (reparations) but remember that only he/she who can forgive is able to be just (justice without forgiveness is vengeance), so (learn to) love your neighbor as you love yourself... Now, these children of slaves in the Caribbean are a source of inspiration and a model for others in the African Diaspora scattered all over the world, and in fact are bringging to humanity the unique spiritual way of life of today which is consistent with the very historical and spiritual origins of humanity (Africa and the African Mystical Traditions). The awarness of this African historical and spiritual origins of humanity shall conquer the confusion of self (Babilon) and bring humnanity to One Unity: One Love. One Heart: Africa.

REALITY: These African folks of the Caribbean have been the crucial spreaders of all this African Universal Consciousness, this African sense of union with the Divine Force, with humanity and all of creation; or at least have powerfully called the attention of the world to this consciouness.

REALITY: These folks exist as one body of people called Rastafari Movement, because one man called Lij Tafari Makonen was born in this Earth...

The point that I am trying to reach is that it is not easy to simply “get rid” of Haile Selassie just like that. In fact this could be completely unfair. Afterall, the force which is today leading all this "back to Africa" consciousness, "back to African Mystical Tradition" is the Movement of Rastafari. And there is no Rastafari without Ras Tafari. Some may consider Haile Selassie as merely an ancestor, or an avatar or a model caracter, but without any divinity at all. Others may consider HIM as partially or completely divine, and even as the Almighty. The way I see it, being the inherent nature of Haile Selassie a MYSTERY many of us are not able to understand, He nevertheless was the crucial instrument (of the Divine Force JAH) to make the children of Africa in the Diaspora look to the world in a way we never did before -through our own eyes...

Today I&I can step safely on the world because we feel we have recovered our ancient foundations. We know speak freely about our African Mystical Traditions, about Egypt, Ethiopia, Timboctu, Sudan... and we consider them as the building bricks of a our Tradition today. But in those days when everything was confusion (Babilon)Marcus Garvey was (had to be) the Prophet and Haile Selassie the Liberator. JAH works, you know...I&I needed a Lion of Judah (spirit) to get out of Babylon, even though we might today forget about it.

I think this fact has to be considered by anyone trying to trod this road, without regards to his/her view on the divinity of HIM. It constitutes a crucial momentum in the foundation of Rastafari.



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