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Knowledge Means Nothing...

IF it is not applied.....

In all things one is given the means to choose...the high way or the low way..there is no other way.

I am begining to see more and more the illuminating fact that it don't matter WHAT you know...or how MUCH you know...but rather HOW you apply WHAT you know ..to help make you a better person.

I could know reams of knowledge...hold an entire encyclopedia in my head.. worship Jah in any form of deity...yet if I have not love...do not exercise patience, tolerence, wisdom..choose the fruits of the spirit THROUGH all that I know and everything I DO...then it all MEANS NOTHING and is but empty chattle in the wind..a clanging gong...a head full of words..a heart desolite and wanting.

This is where the rubber meets the road...what separates empty rhetoric from living manna...where the high way reveals the light from within..and shines, extends, and heals.

It IS the power of heaven here on earth...in the midst of...in spite of... all that we think we know.

The words.. the beliefs...the knowledge.. are all but mere vehicles to help realize the Source..

The high way or the low way is but all things revealed..THROUGH what we know and most importantly through how we act...it is not enough to know words, theory, philosophy, religion, history...though all these are VERY important Yes...but clearly...it is what we DO with what we know...that bring mere words ALIVE through our living bodies of flesh..

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Knowledge Means Nothing...
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