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Ethiopias regimes have been ethnic dictatorships

Ethiopias regimes have been ethnic dictatorships (Amharic/especially Shoan; Tigre at the moment). The ruling ethnic groups stand to benefit from the rule by one of them. In turn, they become the bastion of solid support for their rulers, NO MATTER how dictorial and brutal they are. The ones that suffer more are ethnic or social groups that have deliberately been alienated from having some control over the REAL sources of state power (army, security forces, finances, diplomacy etc).

Thus, not all Africans stand to lose fro dictatorial and brutal regimes. Members of the ruling ethnic group DO emerge as the beneficiaries (though not all members of the group). The rest stand to lose. Because of this, not just the ruling junta, but their ethnic group have vested intersts in justifying & defending corrupt and brutal regimes to the end (lik the Tigre defend the Woyane no matter what; as the Amhara have defended the Menelik/Selassie regimes etc.).

Liban Digalu

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Ethiopias regimes have been ethnic dictatorships
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