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Re: Bantu : how does that take us forward as a rac

Bantu Biko wrote " the problem is white supremacy ,the only logical and psychological response is Black Consciousness"

Garvey taught us about seeing God through our own spectacles! he talked about an Ethiopian God , a black God ( yo! he even went further to say not GOD of Abraham , Jacob and Isaac).

Like I have said bookshelf spirituality is not going to take anywhere. I respect the ancient texts and corresponding ideas and philosophies. The reality then was characterised by perfect and harmonious situation . Now black people are concrete slaves wherever they find themselves . They may be exceptions but in general if we talk abot the race as whole! we are owned and controlled! That is reality at personal , national and continental level !

Doc Ben talks about the relation between religion and culture ; he says religion is deification of culture hence if one looks at religion one sees that saints and the god resemble the nation it was "revealed to".

I have grown up under (isi)Xhosa culture which emphasised three aspects of JAH : these being
all pervasive of jah i.e immanence , surely what here is reffered as cosmic ; the localised aspect and the supreme godhead which is the personal nature ( u Qamata: an analysis of the word reflects that this one is a combination of
father and mother).

ok for me HIM and the EMPRESS MENEN fit the supreme godhead and they directly relate to our situation .Hence i have written elsewhere responding to Bantu :

"yes I , Sellasie I IS THE ALMIGHTY!he is the creator ,the mantainer ,the sustainer ,the defender and the developer! he is in one , he is for i ,with i and he is THE i!!

his majesty as can be realised as in creation ,the universal aspect ! he can be realised in the local aspect in I and I WITH THE HEART AND THE MIND . the third and the highest is in his personal form ! the kingly character , the warrior- priest . HE INSPIRES US TO COMPLTE THE HISTORICAL TASK : EMANICIPATION OF THE race .

sellasie i is ,now and for IVER !




black love

blessed my lord and empress
sellasie I

black love
bless up
sivuyile still blazing !

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