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in my humble opinion


in my humble opinion
this is not a place any longer where this sis feels true rastafar I are welcome
it is said that the board is provided az an upliftment to all afrikans and rastafar I, yet it seems az if the rastafar I are very smugly dissed if we do not conform to the will of the moderators which to me is a form of modern day slavery....az we all know that some black people owned slaves az well as their white colonialist neighbors.
ones are offended by the term negroid az well they should be as it is a term that black people have shyed away from using az it is tied to slavery and so.
we are being attempted to be controlled by the mindset of educated fools and any free thinking or differences of opinion have been transformed from reasoning and agreeing to disagree into...if you don't say the right thing, type the right thing, etc etc etc you (collectively) are, in a very raspectful yet condescending manner told to e-mail the moderators (who i have been waiting to answer an e-mail for over three weeks), conform to the moderators will, leave, be deleted or banned. this is not free will or right thought and action anymore....it is more like a tight little band of communism......big brother fi true. i, myself, used to enjoy the reasonings here.....even in disagreement there was always a unity...a raspect for difference and so.......
it is no longer so
truly the board should be completely re-named
perhaps moderators speaks would be an appropriate change

Haile I
Selassie I
Sis Irijah Laish Tafar I

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in my humble opinion
your humble opinion is felt by MANY. Blessed *NM*
Re: seeeeeen *NM*
Only in HIM do I put I trust!

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