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reggae censorship

its seems to be almost standerd now for artists such as capleton & sizzla to censor parts of their lyrics in their mainstream releases. for the most part it is just dub'ed rite out of the song when iNi mention strong anti-gay beleifs or other politcal in-correct language is being ex-pressed in a positive+ or in some artists case un-positive- nature & so on. im not talkin about the copys that are for sale by pure reggae ditributers. for the most part these titles are found in your corporate mall type music shops "the wal-mart of the music industry" is where these titles are being sold. i just tink it's amazeing how babywrong can spill filth all over the tv or radio useing all sort of bad messages & such & still have the nerve to fight the reggae movement still even harder after all these fine positive+ years. it means only one ting meaning REGGAE is growing stronger ever than before. with so many top notch artists sweeping the scene they are haveing a hard time keeping the fiyah under their control. as this keeps bubbleing they still big on the one @ a time sydrome. ya know the hot spot. now that shaggy is done its sean pauls turn. then it will be one again. dem so scared to open the gate to let a river of concious dancehall or roots reggae flow. really ya know dar still holding on to eddie grants "eletric avenue" or musical youths "pass the dutchie" like they were the best songs ever released in the 80' after tosh & marley passed. yes sure ziggy marley & the melody makers "tomorrow people" & inner circles "bad boys" were very great songs but those songs were promoted with one ting in mind & those same bands today would get the red carpet promotion today for every good chune written but everybody knows thats not what happens @ the reggae grammys. so as in the 90's it was really shut down i mean down. but jah blessed & reggae found its way back in by late decade it was so hot it was burning the world. not just their controled market areas. good theory on how world beat music was murded not to get off subject. so now wha a gwan reggae dancehall is so hot roots reggae is better than ever & dub has reach levels beyond limits in the past. what does this spell? well u better look out babywrong cause reggae is comeing BIG upz stronger than ever before from wicked to humble the ground is rumbleing from the drum & bass lines that wont quit or cease to disrubt the neihbors, as dem stratch dem bald head in confussion everytime. drowning in a media system of lies folding upon nuff history to be quoted & passed on to generations of music lovers to come. this is a simple question with a massive message of propaganda sold. seems to be dem belly full but still hungrey cause these artists make so much dough that they couldnt care less if what they were suppose to say was edited or not. i say this because their album would not be sold if it did. plain & simple again. not to many people talkin about censorship in music these days since that whole advisery parent issue has blown some dust since but i tink its still important to call it out free with out dem batty boys getting upsett or whatever. its a mad world that iNi are trying to sell records in. junior reid says it best i tink in his conversations & lyrics about what the music bizz is up to today & ever since. check him in on dis one "one blood" >1LUV*+*+*+*+*+*+*+ p.s. this has nothing to be stated about censorship on dis board thats a whole differnt issue ofcourse -nuff RASpect+

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