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Intellectual Debates vs. Practical Solutions?

now, i enjoy debates/reasonings as much as another. however there seems to be a loss of focus on practical ideas on upliftment on the continent and Diaspora in regards to:

Health Care/(HIV/AIDS, Malaria, etc)
Conflict resolution
Business & Industry
etc etc.

i am not very knowledgeable about medicine, but I have been, and maintain that AYURVEDA (an Indian/African) holistic medicine, would be an effective and natural way to alleviating many healthcare issues on the continent. There are many low cost 100%natural ways to treat HIV as well as Malaria w/ Ayurveda.
Bill Gates just donated about 126 million to help fund research to develop a malaria vaccine in Africa. I give thanks for that.

I work at an institute of higher learning in Ohio. I am working now to link traditionally Black Colleges in the States w/colleges and universities on the Continent. Currently I attending Wilberforce University's CLIMB program, it is a program that enables working adults to finish up their Bachelors program in an accelarated manner. Im trying to link w/ the University of Namibia to set up a Wilberforce University branch there. Thus, working adults on the Continent can get a degree from a Historically Black College, while still on the Continent. Once I set up a Wilberforce branch in Namibia, I will work to do the same in other countries. Jah willing the Wilberforce University-University of Namibia alliance will be in place by next Autumn.

Conflict Resolution:
this of course is a complex issue, I would simply recommend in this discourse all African States engage in implementing the mandates outlined in The United Nations, Human Rights Aricles 1-30.
Furthermore, I would recommend that Africans cease and desist from tribalism, as it does not positively affect our standing in the world community.

Business and Industry:
Again, this is a varied and intense topic, which I do not profess to be an expert. However I would assert that tourism by Africans in the Diaspora could be a great foundation by which to help build the economic infrastructure in many African countries.

It is noted that there are African Muslims, Christians, Pagans, Humanist, Egyptologist, Ras Tafarians, light skin Africans, Dark, short, tall, rich and poor Africans. The paramount concern is that we are African, therefore there MUST be a LOVE and RESPECT for one another regardless of our DIFFERENCES, once this RESPECT encompasses the HEART of each and every AFRICAN, the continent, and the world might know peace. Intolerance breeds discontent.

I found the following piece to be informative-imagine if we Africans did the same, irregardless of our religions, we circulated petitions in our particular house of worship and worked for the advancement of Africa.

NEW YORK (AP) -- Thousands of American Jews attending High Holy Day services this week will find a different kind of pledge card on their seats at synagogue -- instead of asking for donations, the card is seeking a promise to visit Israel.

The Israel Ministry of Tourism on Tuesday launched what it called its largest campaign ever to lure visitors from the United States, sending out pledge cards to thousands of U.S. congregations before services marking the Jewish New Year.

The campaign seeks to revive the tourism industry that fell apart after September 11, 2001, and has continued to suffer during escalating Israeli-Palestinian violence.

Binyamin Elon, Israel's tourism minister, said Tuesday that U.S. media coverage of the conflict gives prospective tourists a skewed picture of Israel's safety.

"The hotels are not empty. The streets are not empty," Levi said. "The day-to-day picture in real Israel is not the same picture as you have in the CNN."

The U.S. State Department advises American citizens to defer travel to Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. The travel warning says: "Ongoing violence has caused numerous civilian deaths and injuries, including to some American tourists, students and residents. The potential for further terrorist acts remains high."

Still, Elon said the country's tourism is already beginning to recover; the Ministry of Tourism predicts 1.2 million international travelers in 2003, 500,000 more than in 2002. The ministry partly attributed the increase to a pilot version of the pledge card program a year ago, and decided to expand it. Officials are hoping to attract 2 million overseas visitors in 2004.

Close to 1,500 synagogues have received the pledge cards and will distribute them to congregants during High Holy Day services, which begin on Friday.

The pledge cards are mailed to Ministry of Tourism officials, who then send informational mailings about visiting Israel.

About 40 Jewish groups have endorsed the campaign to encourage travel to Israel, including the National Council of Young Israel, a parent organization for nearly 150 Orthodox synagogues in the United States.

"We believe that it does definitely boost the morale of everybody there" in Israel, said the council's Rabbi Shlomo Mostofsky.

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Intellectual Debates vs. Practical Solutions?
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