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i found this reasoning to be thought provoking. 2 individuals who reasoned, had differnt opinions,
however they each afforded each other the opportunity to share their views regardless if they were of differing opinions.

i respectfully ask that, this courtesy be afforded all board members as we all have something worthwhile to share. i ask bantu kelani, if ayinde just deleted your words because you did not agree w/him, your voice would not be heard in this forum. i hope this post is not deleted, as it serves notice that we all have something to say irregardless of managements perceptions of our intentions.

Reply on: Jul 3nd, 2003, 5:50am

As much as I would like to disagree, you've made well-valid points!

You articulate your words very well and you have the right to express your views just as I have the right to express mine.
Reply on: Jul 3nd, 2003, 02:11pm

Bantu_Kelani wrote:
My views and Opinions might seem WEAK or Simplistic to you but they are not to ME!

These are your words and not my own. If I thought that your views and opinions were weak or simplistic, I would not be responding to you in such detail. I continue to respond because I have respect for you and value your views. I am not telling you to choose this way or that way. The choices are yours.

Bantu_Kelani wrote:
I am Realistic in my Assessment of things based on Reality as I have researched, EXPERIENCED and have been told by other Blacks. Plus I still face ALL of those issues myself. Thus, where is the Weakness of my Assessments?

My words were, "weak on specific facts" not assessment.

Personal Integrity does count for much even when reasoning.

My words were harmony with your self. If you check these boards you will see how many people I have dismissed with those empty one love feel good rhetoric that tries to obfuscate real sufferings and play down the importance of African history and development.

Therefore I will proudly claim that I'm an Avid Pan-Africanist and Dedicated Black Nationalist seeking FIRST the Uplift of African people to the Natural state of Equilibrium, in Harmony with Nature, that Humans SHOULD maintain if not for Mankind's Inhumanity to itself. Equilibrium, which the WEST has sucked from Blacks for centuries via Imperialism, Colonization, Slavery, Conquest and now Globalization!

My Allegiance goes First to my Race, then to my Native Country. Remember the European, the Chinese, the Arab and the Jew in his Social, Political and Economic urge always put his fellow man and woman First under all Circumstances. Why the Black man and woman cannot do the same? There is not Humanity before that which starts with yourself, CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME. These are the precepts of AFRICAN NATIONALISM I Strongly believe in.

Of course, I am not asking you to accept anything that I say. This is only MY Opinion as I see it. Many of us choose to face our Struggles and move forward differently. I have no problem with that, I do not seek Antagonism with African people but rather seek Fraternity with my Race to achieve Progress and Success by the means of the Active Intelligence of our OWN Minds.

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