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It is not right to cuss a moderator yes

It is just that many veterans from last year gave up the site because of this vibes here.

I man not really saying the posters who are on now are not sending good posts. I am saying that the site loosing it's Rastafari essence because many of the main Ras Tafari veteran posters from last year gone away because of the negative vibes. A couple ones did said they are leaving for that negative vibes going on.

That is why I had the post positive versus the negative, and that was more for the reasoning of Ras Tafari and Repatriation and Reparation and what is going on with I and I Black people struggle.

I and I the Black peoples of the world is suffering too much, and I can clearly see that any iver I and I try to inite,even on the Computer now, the Babywrong must send some kind of evil force to mash up the irie vibes and divide us even further.Idrens and Sisthrens even becoming cyberenemies for nonsense.

My true feeling about the moderating here is that the posters should have the right to post any post if they are not cussing and their opinions should be accepted by all others.

I always say if a Man do not love another Man post, then all He has to do is not respond to it at all,or if He is really concern and do not desire to hurt anyone with his own opinion, then start His own post and see who will respond to it and exactly what they has to say, and that will be fair reasoning. Not to destroy a post because it is not what we love to hear.

And another matter I observed is that many people seem like they do not see that there is an area to send post that are not related to Ras Tafari way of life and that is a good job on behalf of the moderators, yet many do not go there, they always mixing up the Ras Tafari reasoning with a whole heap of B--S, and when the Ras Tafari veterans posters cannot even get one person to respond to the many positive posts they are sending, that again making them leave quickly.The site will just be loosing all the veterans that easily.

So a general question I have is.
How come the moderators cannot erase the posts that are not realated to Ras Tafari and make sure that RasTafari people alone are reasoning in one area of the site, and the Babywrong post Den go to another area that will not diss the positive foundation. And then Ras Tafari can inite much better than all this mix up moods and attitudes, which can never work.

Time to seperate the RasTafari people on the site from the Babywrong people here who are distracting the Ras Tafari upfull reasoning and causing all the great veteran posters to leave. I am ready to go now even without any moderator telling I to do that, just because I seeing all this diluting going on. I know it is not my site yes, still this is just computer and will not be here forever.

That is why I am saying finally this is not the Ras Tafari Speak I knew, this is like anyone could peek and freak while I and I Collective Security is at stake and African people continue to suffer.

Why should it be always fussing and fighting amongst I and I African people. Where is the Love here as Israel Vibration said. We can't take another War here as Culture said.If I and I get up and Quarrel every day I and I still saying praises to the devil I say, Why not help one another on the way and make life much easier.

Return De Old time Ras Tafari Speak(Original direct Rastafari reasoning) and Let I and I raspect each other's opinion especially if we are not rude and just reasoning of Ras Tafari way of life. Many people are watching to see how I and I going to inite as Ras Tafari People. This site is a good area to show some of that inity.

Imaging I even used to do the Ninja Quiz here, and cannot even get in lately now to do it just because I have to abide by the new rules and open another profile just for that. I was trying to send the quiz lately and cannot get in. All these changes are really mystic ire.

Anyway I have to say the Idren Ras Ayinde is speaking the truth also. I will never condone anyone to threaten or curse a moderator. I cannot condone any evil of that nature right now, for I desire to save my soul. I cannot see an Elder person being rude. I will not agree to that at all. There is always a right way to do things. I will take no special side with the wrong here

BIGG UPP to Ras Tafari Speak regardless. I just pray the veteran posters stop leaving. I once vowed never to leave the site because of the constant distractors coming on, and now I see I possibly can be banished from here any iver once I write anything a moderator might not agree to.

This is the main site I really love on Computer, and to get fed up about it, or be censored for my own opinion if I am not rude, will be pure nonsense ire.

Remember I said I have nothing against anyone here I just do not love to see the Site loose the Rastafari essence when it can be controlled. Ras Tafari post one area and the Babywrong post in they own area.
Cant that be done to limit the stress here????

I feel once that is done, then many Ras Tafari Idrens and Sisthrens will always come and bring their upfull reasonings together with hunility and Raspect for each other's opinions. That will be so irie with less fussing and fighting.And the site will have the true Ras Tafari essence then.

No one must agree with anything I say on this site for I am not 100% perfect in anyway. Once a one do agree. Then 100% BIGG UPP to that person.

Haile I Selassie I the first,Jah Ras Tafari, Niyabinghi I

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It is not right to cuss a moderator yes
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BIGG UPP Idren Yan. Raspect
All the Vibes
Bigg UPP Sisthren Tracey
unda Judgement, d most powerful city is nothing *NM*
including dis space of cyber *NM*
some will witness *NM*

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