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Selassie Is the Chapel

Babylon dem have nuff word fi seh,
a try fi throw Selassie I weh
a come a we yard bout Selassie I a fraud,
mi look pon dem smile how it big an it broad,
skin dem teeth an spit bere deciet
after Rasta nuh trouble nuhbody
so wah mek u a trouble me?,
wah mek u bring u fool fool philosphy
a try change Garvey prophecy
come wit u dictator hypocracy when u a try dictate to me...

You say u fighting for your right
so is who wrong den?
cus is YOU same one fight gainst Rasta children
and yet is u same one tell me bout Babylon,
how babylon is whiteman
wit oppression and aggression,
but in u heart u know u is a reflection
of dem same dirty profession
you curse di flesh, an underlook di heart,
is dem same tricks u use fi tear Rasta children apart
in them same words you say u fighting for our rights,
but u know not the ways of Rastafari
so clearly u WRONG
the same song of redemption, u claim ur exemption
because u say u allready purify
yet u words crucify the pivot of ALL INI
Haile Selassie I.. JAH RASTAFARI

so i man hear u babylon..
but i wont listen
u can lock we up..
an bound we wit ur words as chattle
but INI are still free
because Selassie I is the Chapel

tariq kamau

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