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AWOL magazine: Fight the Power!!!!! *LINK*

Yes I,
I biggin up this magazine/CD which me sistren Wulidah Imarisha and me bredren Mario Africa put out from Philly. It was recently launched and there are two issues so far, submissions still being accepted for the third. The focus of the zine is on resistance to militarism and it's tartgetted especially to youth and to the hip-hop nation. Subject matter is not limited to the military though. Basically the aim is to put out anti-babylon propaganda in a combination of the written, spoken, rapped, chanted and sung word. So those who don't read much could listen to the CD and get the message same way. Conscious writers, artists and musicians can contribute, just contact them for details. Along with plenty thought-provoking articles, issue #2 has music by Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley alongside dead prez, one WICKED track by a Bronx Boricuan sista named La Bruja which is the HAAARDest comment on 9/11 I've heard yet, and plenty more artists. The leaning is towards hip-hop, but it's all about who contributes, IanI would love to see more reggae, dancehall, soca, chutney, whatever, it could be polka, once the message is conscious, seen. So y'all can just check it out on the link below... AWOL relies on grassroots distribution so anyone who would like to order in bulk and sell em in their area, that would be great, let's spread the message far and wide...

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AWOL magazine: Fight the Power!!!!! *LINK*
Re: AWOL magazine: Fight the Power!!!!!

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