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Re: Dar skin/light skin and slave trading

" What is the use of teaching Bantu child mathematics and science which he canot use in practice . We must give them an education that will let them see the greener pasturers but never reach them " HF Verwoed (founder and developer of Apartheid )

Greetings RAS

thank you for the vibes. Makes you think .

You know the same divide and rule tactic was used here in Azania . It was promugalgated in what was called the Population Registration Act : people were divided into 4 main groups namely the : whites , Indians , Coloureds and Blacks ,the latter 3 groups were also known as non whites.

The coloured group was the most complicated and confusing group : it consisted of light skin black african tribe called Griqua whose languge were destroyed and spoke Afrikaans ; San and Khoi people (light skinned Africans); Cape Coloureds ( mixed race derived from interaction between whites and black africans); Malays ( descedants of slaves from Malaysia )

Apartheid settler colonisers managed to confuse most of the coloureds by giving them more priviliges. We were all oppressed but just differed in degrees in oppression.Majority of so called coloured people saw themselves as better than blacks and identified with the downpressors.

What was the response of the AZANIAN MASSES:
black consciousness of the BCMA : this movement succeded in uniting all the non whites and creating awreness about the illusion of black/coloured division but today's reality shows that it was not fully succesfully.

PAN AFRICANISM: it also united all african people ; succede to raise awreness about African roots of so called coloureds like the Griquas and SAN - KHOI PEOPLE .

You know what : Of all anti racist , revolutionary black movements , RASTAFARI MOVEMENT is the only movement that has succeded indestroying all these divisions . So called coloured rastas see themselves as black africans and identify with all our struggles wholeheartedly .RAS MOVEMENT IS THE ONLY MOVEMENT that can unite our people and lead them forward.

For most RASTAs in AZANIA this distinction is a non isuue within our movement.

no fragmentation ,no segregation ,no seperation

oneness , blackness

holy Emmanuel I RASTAFARI


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Dar skin/light skin and slave trading
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Re: Dar skin/light skin and slave trading

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