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From H. Henry

Greetings to the Ras Tafari Idrens still around here.
H.Henry emailed Iman to let I know that he has been blocked from posting on the forum. He asked Iman to post this email to Zionlioness and others. I dont know if this will get deleted. It shouldn't but if it does, I will post it again. RasIfree emailed Iman also to say that he has been banned from "AfrikaSpeaksRastaSpeaksRastafariSpeaks"

Here is H. Henry's email he wanted Iman to forward.

To: selassieilive@yahoo.com
Subject: de-blind the people them..
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 10:17:19 -0400

I am now in exile but still read the posts that is been posted by bredren and sistren,I tried to post but I keep getting rejected with words as I must create a profile even when I had created one already and post two reasonings with the past letters that they gave I,I try to post using the same methods as before but failed,before this rejection started I decide to go in exile for a while,so I guess too much fiyah is burning,some of them get afraid even when they keep quoting the biblical fire all times,I notice whenever something is posted for RASTAFARI CHILDREN to do some tapping those post are always been iradicated from the post,eg,the SOLOMON and SHEBA runnings,how could they say that SHEBA had it was to visit jerusalem to be introduced by SOLOMON to the true and living god,since god is the almighty then ETHIOPIAN would bound to have been educated about him by means of handed down knowledge from elders before,ETHIOPIA is prooven to be the cradle of humans,so then god would must have been surfaced or lived,dwell in ETHIOPIA,why is it that SHEBA would have to leave to go look for someone dwelling in her home town,when their is no evidence to state that god had migrated from ETHIOPIA?

With the ark of the covenant,they stated that the son of SOLOMON had taken it to ETHIOPIA,was the ark on a returning mission to ETHIOPIA whereas they claims that it contains god,was the ark a casket?If god is for ETHIOPIANS and also their father,did he abandon his children and he did with jesus?why did it have to take the messengers of evil to come telling them who is their father without a mother,remember that ETHIOPIANS were introduced to the word god by catholics missionaries rejecting our rituals calling it pagan,where am I going with this?AFRICANS or positive people have to shake off the god thing SELASSIE I is far greater than god,recycle the reasoning and check it for your self,also ZIONLIONESS ask I a question,post to her for I that, staff of the message board is swallowing the popes anti-biotics,whenever uplifting reasoning is posted dem eraced dem,it seem as if they are working with and for the pope,post this for I seen bredren...


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