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In answer to a question that was raised by a moderator to Ras IFree as to why he is here if he does not like it here, I would say that most are here because Ras Forever started a Rastafari forum that was for Rastafari from all over to congregate and share ideas, reasonings etc. that pertain to Rastafari...i.e. Bible reasonings, beng the only Rasta in town, living Ital, learning about Haile Selassie I and Ethiopia, etc etc. Even the blackest of black Rasta gets slack from his own people because he loves and worships Haile Selassie I and Christ...and the whitest of white Rasta get the same treatment from their own people because of his love and worship of Christ Selassie I...so there seem to be many things that a Rastafari Forum needs to be addressing within their own ranks...now we have moderators who again think Rastafari ought to move on from their love of HIM and Christ and the Bible, saying instead we need to look to Egypt for our spirituality and that Rasta need to 'logically' reason things away...like the european-minded humanists who think of spiritual people as 'superstitious' or 'overly religious'. It is good to have common sense, but as the saying goes...be not wise in thine own eyes...only JAH you must pray...

I personally think that Ras IFree is only exposing the truth that the Rastafari Speaks message board is moving away from Rastafari due to the fact that non-Rastafari people moderate it and run it. As I see it, certain ones claiming to be Rastafari, sight a different Livity than Rastafari, i.e. Egypt worship and dismissing Christ and the Bible. From my own personal experience, I have never felt the negative vibes when I site up my Rasta Idrens that I do on this board...the divisiveness, the race-isms, etc. It was a beautiful sight to behold when white and black Bongo Locks and Beard Rastafari at Reggae On the River were blessed by the incense from an Elder and drum the Nyabhingi and chant Rastafari! This Inity cannot happen with 'logical' reasonings and mental masturbation topics...THIS IS THE POWER OF JAH THAT NO MAN CAN ASSUNDER WITH TOWER OF BABEL TACTICS...I suppose that this is the difference between Rastafari and other Pan-African Movements.

Peace and Love

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