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Re: negroid-darkskinnedafricansortaRasTafarispeaks

if this is your view of the site then why are you here?
i am, according to Bantu Kelani's view, NEGROID, AFRICAN, and I am of the FAITH Ras Tafari, therefore, I have a right to be 'here.'

why would you want to participate in something that you so vehemently disagree with and believe has such little integrity?
well, I never spoke as to the sites, integrity-I spoke in regards to the direction that I felt that the site is headed. do I not have that right, to voice my opinion?

your conduct here is poor and you know it. this is simply taking 'pot shots', like a child that throws stones and runs away, giggling, thinking he has won a victory.
well, I think post like 'dark skin vs. light skin'
is poor, but again-you are allowed to post as you choose, as you are the moderator. well i have not 'run away,' i am still at my desk. nor am i giggling. i stated my opinion, and I am capble of reasoning regarding my intention of my posts. i am not seeking victory, in this forum, I am seeking to state my opinion. is this not allowed?

"there is no victory here, simply the blatant manifestation of your own lack of integrity."
ok sistren, i will quote from your terms of use:

" No personal attacks allowed. Restrict your comments to the opinions stated instead of focussing on the person who wrote it."
by stating-"there is no victory here, simply the blatant manifestation of your own lack of integrity"

you have both, attacked my personal integrity, by stating that I have none (your right to opinion) and you have focused on the person who wrote it, me. therefore, ones should adhere to their own words and integrity before admonising another.


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