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Re: Dissing the One Love Concept
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yeah sure many buying it for there free love approach as modren rebel hippys or whatever but when dem batty boys or this crusty mop hit the lots anything goes. seems to be negative flow as since all of time but its a duty to role model the mixed up youth in amerikkka or anywhere else as this is a i*niversal problem not just in united states. as i see it its bob marley(a half white man) that really sells not reggae not rasta or its orthodox ways. if it wasnt for the red strip stand many people would not even bother to show up @ the local irie jam session & thats the sad part but as the confussion setts in it is all clear as day about differnce about choosen & called upon. what this is meaning towards is if bredren n' sistren fuss n' fight about a common bond between iNi well i pray for dem & nah bagga worry about "is your love for H.I.M. more real", ya know. one love is about the only positive+ reasoning that can a gwan & break down many walls that create borderation among us. most who deceive one love are still dealing with letting go of race issues that will haunt n' haunt again or personal philosophy or what ever case may be. its a beautiful thing to share one love with people even when you know that dey still searchin for dem truth & its even a more amazeing ting to c a ras dat know but finally mashing dem twisted hate for other human because of issues dem just need to clear for dem self not because this is some sort of anything new(history repeats itself) but now the time has come with the message of JAH Rasta Far i* it has the power to heal these wicked concept for once & for all. babywrong your queendom is falling. not because you made it to time bomb ,its because of the one love that brings all of us together in real love & one unity with one destiney. one fiyah burning. with RASpect for humanity all & the people own trials & tribulations. hate breeders your time has come to be healed has you resist insteed of resolve the flame only grows hotter. i* luv faith.......

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Dissing the One Love Concept
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Respect is the doorway to love
Re: Dissing the One Love Concept
Re: Dissing the One Love Concept
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Re: Dissing the One Love Concept

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