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yes rose...one must site HIM to be Rastafar I!!!

Ras Pidow: Glory to word Glory to sound Glory to the Most High Jah Rastafari

Yes Haile I Selassie I, He is de owner-founder of Sun Moon and Stars, Man Woman and Children. Green herb, heat, air, water. And all creeping things upon de face of dis Earth dat have breath. Dose dat fly within de midst of heaven and dose dat are hidden from de face of man. Internally live! JAH RASTAFARI! Let all living things call HIM. He is without father, He is without mother, without beginning of days nor end of time.

Hebrews 7 declare it biblically: no descent. Having neither beginning of days. He is Priest Melchisedek yet Father yet Mother. Without void without form, yeet void yet form. All void and all form. Unsearchable!

Coming thru Lineage, Throug even Jes-us Christ 2000 years ago. Coming thru Judah who proved a better Testamant than (Levi)-Priest Melchisidek. As it is written in Hebrews 7. Coming thru Acts 2nd, (29th) verse as it is said, Men and brethren, let me freely speak of the Patriarch David who is now dead and buried. But his Sepulchre is here with us now. Understand dat!

And thru the lineage according to de flesh, thru David line Christ must return to reign upon His Throne. Haile I Selassie I is greater David greater Son, who stand to rule and reign worldwide.

Unfathomamble! The Master Builder of Creation. The Almighty in Person, Natural Man. Haile Selassie is a title given to Ras Tafari. Malachi first declare it. The heathen shall shook at His great and dreadful name.

Ras means King. Tafari mean Head Creator. He is Redeemer, King, Creator, in bliss, returned to reign forever! Jeremiah declare it: Iam black, astonishment is being taken out upon me. Iam one forever. So as de Sun is one, so Haile Selassie I, The Might of the Trinity JAH RASTAFARI is one. One heart, one love, one moon, one earth, one life, so there must be one God. The Almighty JAH RASTAFARI!

I and I was being taken away as captive´, surely from a long long time ago.. I and I still was in Egypt and Jah bu´st de sea in two, wit Nyahbinghi music! Through de temple of Moses and man walk on dry ground. Jah gwy do it again.

Dis day I shall bring de captivity, in dis decade, of Judah and Jerusalem, Ithiopia, when all eyes shall see and know dat Haile Selassie I JAH RASTAFARI reign forever, and forever. For Angels will be coming falling down before HIM.

He touched Lightning and it scorched! He rebuked de wind, and chastised thunder. He is Almighty in Supreme Supremacy. Ruleth among de Mighties. HIM alone. De only international Field Marshall General, Haile I, Selassie I, JAH RASTAFARI! To de world..Selah.

Ras Sam Brown: Treatise on the Rastafarian movement

Ever since Man has found himself the master of planet Earth, from primitive man til this time, he has always sectionally upheld some form of deification to a higher concept; every race of man has got their own form of worship unlike and peculiar to each other race of tribe.

Gods are the creation of the inner consciousness of nations to deification of an individual. Elders and parents beget progenies who in turn carry on the perpetuation of such culture.

We in this cause will give brief and concise account of the culture of Rastafari, its code of law. etc. Unlike all oders of religion, the culture of Rastafari was not handed down from father to son as the people of Christendom. We who have perused the volumes of history knew that in this 20th Century a king would arise out of Jesse´s root, who should be a God (Almighty) for his people and a liberator to all the oppressed of Earth. We the Rastafarians who are the true prophets of this age, the reincarnated Moseses, Joshuas, Isaiahs, Jeremiahs who are the battle-axes and weapons of war ( a Jidah, or Holy War); we are those who are destined to free not only the scattered Ethiopians (Black men) but all people, animals, herbs and all life forms.

We are the vanguard of 144 000 celestical selectees who shall in turn free 468 000 millions particularly and the world at large. We are the disciples of Rastafari, who have walked with God from the time when the foundation of creation was laid, through 71 bodies, to behold the 72nd house of power which shall reign forever. We now stand as the fullfillers of prophecy; we knew before that when a king should be crowned in the land of David´s throne that individual would be Shiloah, the anointed One, the Messiah, The Christ returned in the personification of Rastafari ( on his vesture and on his thigh is a name written, King of Kings and Lord of Lords) - see Rev.19:16.

We also know the significance of Daniel, declaring from that time of this time, for I ( far eye) beheld until all the thrones of Babylon was cast down and the ancients of days did sit (the bearded God), whose eyes were like flames of fire, the hair of whose head was like unto wool (matted hair), whose feet were like unto burning brass (black skin); and he tradeth the fierceness of the winepress of his wrath, to execute Justice and Judgement on the Gentiles ( the nations of Europe and their black allies).

The scriptures declare God hags in motorless spaces surrounded by thick darkness, hence black man. God came in many bodies, to reign forever in Rastafari ( the triple-crowned monarch), The Holy One of Israel whose ray of light shall finally dim the eyes of the dragon (advocates of Christendom), and through whose power all those of many nations who embrace the faith and uphold it laws shall live forevermore with God. We are those who shall right all wrongs and bring ease to he suffering bodies, and peace to all people.

World warning: the sevent last vial of wrath is now uncorked, about to be poured on Earth. The Rastafarians ( Eternal Ones) possesses the key to war and peace in the Universe. We the ransomed of the fall who knows that heaven (Paradise) is the land of Ethiopia on the side of the north, who maintained Divine control over all minds of men, rich and poor, great and small alike. For they are those who pass through great tribulations in Jamaica by the name Rastafari, and in other lands by different names. They are those that shall not take the beast by force (if you bow before force, God and History shall record your Judgement) of armament, but while the world of nations struggled for power, the glut of power that men and nations seek is foreign to the policy of Rastafarians. Who draw his reservoir of strength through faith and humility, who through the fall of Zedekiah to this day has struggled to maintain our culture and dynasty throughout the reign of every foreign foe, the Rastafarian is he who bow the knee to God (Rastafari) alone. We are those who obey strict moral and divine laws, based on the Mosaic tenet:

1) We strongly object to sharp implements used in the desecration of the figure of Man, e.g., trimming and shaving, tattoing of the skin, cuttings of the flesh.

2) We are basically vegetarians, making scant use of certain animal flesh yet outlawing the use of swine´s flesh in any form, shell fishes, scaleless fishes, snails, etc.

3) We worship and observe no other God but Rastafari, outlawing all other forms of Pagan worship yet respecting all believers.

4) We love and respect the brotherhood of mankind, yet our first love is to the sons of Ham.

5) We disapprove and abhor utterly hate, jealously, envy, deceit, guile, treachery, etc.

6) We do not agree to the pleasures of present-day society and its modern evils.

7) We are avowed to create a world order of one brotherhood.

8) Our duty is to extend the hand of charity to any brother in distress, firstly for he is of the Rastafari order - secondly to any human, animals, plants, etc., likewise.

9) We do adhere to the ancient laws of Ethiopia.

10) Thou shall give no thought to the aid, titles and possession that the enemy in his fear may seek to bestow on you; resolution to your purpose is the love of Rastafari.

Look around and let recognize the signs of the time. A one sign of the Armageddon time is that how fashionable it has come to say, all people and the congregations praise same god. This ideology sounds nice and comfortable, specially to dem who love to swing with various spiritual vibes without any purpose to change their way of life and to be loyal to the one divine order of Almighty.

If we take life seriously, we´ll see, it is not a small thing to know, who is the Creator of the world, who is the Earth Rightful Ruler, who is Jah. Knowledge about Jah effects to the whole wholeness of man´s life.

Who say that we all praise same god, he has never stood before Almighty I. That´s why he don´t see that Jah is very unique god. HIM is not all gods alltogether. HIM is not the concept of nameless oneness of the absolutely divinity beyond all-knowing. HIM is the one and only. I&I Rastas are eye wittnesses of the one spesific divine individual, a one who have created the earth and who is only Rightful Ruler of this planet, Living JAH in flesh, Rastafari Haile Selassie.

No one can convert, or even has a right to try to force, anyone to praise HIM, but neither, no one who feels and knows Jah can´t keep silent about Jah. Especially in the times like this, when the bullets of the claims &127;Selassie is not Jah and Selassie is dead whistling in the air also with the greetings in the name of Jah Rastafari (on in the Internet boards).

Rasta cant´t be silence before blashphemyism and anti-christianisim. I&I has tolerance to the religions of the world, but Rasta is also Jah Jah postman bringing de telegraph which declares that Jah has no tolerance to dem who rise in His name against Him. Either HIM has no tolerance to the false gods. HIM is not a friend of the devils or dem who marching in the satan´s army band.

The marching with the false gods will end to the grave. This is a part of the game, a part of the religion, a part of the satan´s plans. People follow dem gods with the belief dem will face dem god when dem are dead and this make dem so acceptful to the death.

The unique, hola and positive procedure of principle of Rastafarians have been and still is that I&I children not bow before the death, not even go to funerals. I&I are not satisfied with mortal and conceptual gods. No, this is our answer to dem, because I&I has good news about Living Jah in the flesh. Rastafari the Mighty I! If we´ll drop out this positive, fundamental truth from the reasoning, we will enter to somewhere else than Rasta reasoning. And what is even much more serious: if we´ll haze this positive truth, we will be victims of doom, no matter in which name we have done our lips service.

Yes I. Rasta say, Jah is near and alive, don´t die, bredrin, don´t die sistren, search Jah amongst the living ones. Praise HIM and live. Every one who lives and is devoted within HIM and HIS laws is completely safe in the life, because the LIFE is HIM and in HIM. Jah is the immortal temple of the universe and His Ireation is the eternal circle, where is no end as there is no end to the life of the temple of Divine Rasta embraced in the eternal temple of Almighty I. Sometimes Rasta disappear from the sight of world, but not through death, but through translation and metamorphose. There is no death in the temple of HIM. The death is occupied by the ones who have capseled and personified demselves out from the Oneness of Love Fire.

As false as the false gods is the idea of the personal salvation. It is the most selfish starting point in the world, where is so much to do in a purpose to work for the benefit of people´s and nations´ freedom and liberty. Selfishness cant save anyone from the hell, cause selfishness is the hell itself.

A carnal mind is the product and the manifestation of the selfishness and carnal mind - full identification with a personality - can´t enter through the gates of death. Death is the total destruction of the brain personality ( personal thoughts, emotions, habbits, the hopes of salvation...). If we are serious with conquering the death, I&I shall overstand and accept the life in the state of I&I real INDIVIDUALITY, not in the levels of personality. Not identify with the brains, but with the eternity of I&I temple. I and I, the Ighest I, are the one, the one everlasting temple.

Life is a challenge and the individual random of it is not in the end of the days, but in a each and every day, right now and tomorrow. There is no reason to wait for salvation to the eternal life anymore. Life is in the action from a moment to moment and a long ago the life itself has invitated us to feel its eternal ites. There is no reason to wait for coming of Jah. Jah has already come, and I&I don´t even need the astrology or the Maya-calenders to see and know that. HIM has come and His law and order is simple, clean and pure. For the fullfillment of Jah order I&I no need university education, philosophical studies or the secret rites and methods and techniques. Instead of those things, innocence of the consciousness and serious humbleness of the heart are the keys for the divine overstanding - HUMBLENESS to live within the sacred qualities. Humbleness to be in life within the whole attention of our being, not only of our brains. Humblenes for reborning in the flames of mighty fire.

The burning fire is I&I source of strength and the manifestation of Rasta irits. And when there is fire, there are always the fire keepers too. Like in the times of Bible, also in our time the Ingels of Jah have revealed their presence. The Rastafari Ingels in Jamaica and elsewhere have declared during the years that, it is not the same what god a one follow, and still I&I Ilders, Ingels, Prophets, Saints and Warriors trod on with this message what is perfectly in time and what it is to the young and to the old: Rastafari Selassie is JAH alone, leave the false gods, burn a satan.

Yes yah, knowing of Jah is not a small thing. The identification with the false gods will bring a one to the arms of death. The divine identification with the Eternal Living I temple is the root of the ital fullness of life. So, listen Jah, not other gods, and meditate in the light of burning love fire. Chant a new chant for Jah when is a new day. Praise Him, Praise Him, Mighty Dreadlock Jah Rastafari Haile I Selassie I

The one crucial theme in the I and I Rastafari livity is I and I are not looking for salvation in heaven after death but for fullnes of this very life.

Ital fullnes of life comes true within every day righteous work and within burning of the flame of the inner ecstasy of freedom and love. I & I have something dem never can take away. This fire. Sometimes it is burning in silence, sometimes by big flames, but from moment to moment, it is burning and for babylon it is great mystery what is the source of this fire burning inside of I and I heart. Dem don´t know RasTafari, so dem don´t know where Rastafarians catch a fire.

From the ancient times of creation I and I have linked with both morality and miracles. Noah and the Ark, great works of Moses and Iesus, salvation of three innocent bredrin from fire, Shadrach, Meshach and Abondigo.. I and I see visions as Congo John´s Revelation and I and I feel guidance..

This kind of history and livity keeps I and I on the lonely stone of solid foundation, cause in this world it is so general to say no to divine guidance and loyalty to the Order. Seems to be hard for many to remember that in life there is opportunity to go deeper than what books say and what evolution theory says and what babylon´s church-Jeezus says and what money say and what western lifeless psychology and medical science say. Basic of dem all, of religion, of modern science and economical madness, lies in the grave of spiritual blindness and lazyness. Jah Jah never give the power to the grave diggers, dem baldhead have got dem power by themselves, cause power dem love and hallusinations of security what the power gives to dem. Lucifer biznes.

So, once again I and I finds Iself parcelling the population to two cliques,dreads and baldheads. This don´t feel right, cause Inity is what, for true and really, I and I is looking for, cause Inity was and is the first level of life - but once happened that Rastafari separated certain ones, his own horde, his own angels to be as the living pillars of divine consciousness. This myth makes connection to the Prophesies saying that Jah light ´ ll manifest in flesh through the son.

Bongo Cosmos:

Rastaman is a nobly born son of the most high RasTafari and that´s why kingman is like opener of the path for the dawtas and children and he is doing ancient work of ingels as a messenger. This is not automatically meaning that every one who´s shouting out Rastafari´s name is dealing with the incient ingels´ vibes, falling angels are also around. Dem who have changed dem divine freedom and liberty to the chains of babylon, eating salt and flesh, drinking blood, breathing greedy and sleeping beside baldhead sistren. This is the old story, it have begun in the creation and nowadays various fallen angels´s misiverstanding guides masses within total spiritual and moral chaos that is reality of our time.

Sometimes RasTafari have sent floods, fire and hot laava to the earth when sodomasim and gomorasim and destructives works of fallen angels and baldheads have gone too far but it is clear that true morality can ´ t grow up by fear of punishment. Morality grows with iverstanding and love. Iverstanding begin from individual´s serious intention and true love blaze up as the gift of the moments of pure ecstasy. No self-hypnotisim, no trance, no shaman mind. Just I and I in One Inity: Meditation. Innocent power of Jah rapture carries on I and I through the visions of life form´s radiant glory and give strength and wisdom for fulfil the righteous order of the universe with natural joy and fruitful ways in I and I day to day livin. That is I and I ´s deepest aspiration.

Irie meditation
I and I have learned to recognise and feel Jah Rastafari and his order , but still it is very hard to say anything finally about HIM. True I. I and I have now chanted RasTafari´s hola name twenty years and all I life I & I have had passion to investigate dimensions and qualities of true living and still RasTafari and Queen Omega Tafari are mysterious Ones to I & I. One thing I Ras has yet learned so far: RasTafari is very unique, old and mighty God: He was in first day in Zion and He is still alive and doing miracle works by brimstone, flash lightning, thunder, stars, moon, sun, water, air, plants, animals and his sons and dawtas.

RasTafari has no ideology, He is the Ruler, not political or religious leader, but He gives divine ideas to I and I heavens of divine temple when I and I rest I and I heavens in the transcendent realms of Rastafari´s head´s reality. The master idea is that Almighty is both, Individual Being and the pure limitless existence of cosmic eternity beyond time and I and I are like God´s eyes admiring of hola the creation.

Before this mystical mystery I & I Rasta bow and chant salute to the bearded Creator, First Dreadlock in the universe, RasTafari, HIM who has manifested him power and glory in the temple of Haile Selassie I. I and I Rasta give thanks and praises for yah have found yahselves from here once again, means here on earth, alive and in irie mediation. Jah live.

Tafari loves perfection, Rasta loves the Laws of Tafari

Give thanks for Rastafari Haile Selassie who has given the life and who has made the covenant of life with I&I.

When HIM gave the life and created the universe HIM gave the Order within the Life. Stars, planets, atoms, cells, molecules and all the small and gigantic things, all dem luminating, vibrating and working together in the perfect order. I&I look inside and I&I look outside and everywhere I&I face the same pure order of the elements and all the living things. And everywhere I&I hear the same chant... “Selassie loves perfection, Selassie loves perfection”...This is the chant of the space and the universe and chant of the hola Ingeles on the earth... “No half-way, no side way, only one way”... This chant is the main theme in the life of a nasarite, who is a one, who observating and manifestating the perfection and avoid the death.

The place of a divine nazarite is not there, where dem sing the song around the dead man. All dem Christian choirs and all dem Pagan choirs chant the one and same chant, and all dem choirs belong to the tradition of the breakers of the original covenant. Their tradition has a long history, and from the ancient times to this day, the cemetery has been the place where people of all fallen Adamic races and nations has come together as a great fellow men, inna purpose to give dem respect to a one who has been disobedient and lie now in a coffin. When dem silent careless ones inna tomb were alive, dem had various kinds of philosophies, religions, beliefs, trance experiences, exotic dreams and whatsever..., but dem things couldn´t give help to dem, not christianity could´t help dem, not astrology, not voodoo, not Jeezus, not Osiris, not Allah, nothing. Dem gone.

There is the only one help in the world, the great help that is coming from the mountains, Rastafari Haile Selassie. If you call him from the bottom of a grave HIM not hear you, but if you stand on the solid rock of the cosmic heaven righteousness you have a open line. On this moment I&I give thanks and praises, in the natural ecstasy of love, and lend a hand to the hand of the Mountain Man, and get to be charged.

The great example of HIM and the blessings of His glory keep I&I away from this choir which is marching to the burial. This choir singing so unbelievable heartically and nice, but I&I is not fascinated with the cold, metal sound behind the hopeful bright voices. It is the sound of the chains, and it fits weakly with I&I passion to be obedient to the order of the freedom, freedom from the shackles of sin. That´s why I&I is separated from all isms - Darwinism, homosexualism, feminisim, voodoism, rheumatism, communism, capitalism, newageism, spiritism, vampyrism, astrologyism, atheism... - and also from all wicked habbits and dead philopsophies of the queendom of babylon, which is the realm of dead flesh eaters and the servants of false gods. In this babylon town I&I is seen as “nobody”, and there is a half of the truth in this kind of figureing, cause I&I has no “body”: I&I live within gracefull temple made by the same divine material as the whole universe. I&I live within a temple that was created to stand as long as this universe.

The manners of old, deadly tradition of baldheads, including total indifference to the laws of Divine Authority, have made a lot of harm, not only to the wicked themselves, but also to this planet earth, which suffering now cause of the narcissistic, urban life style of the living deads, a.k.a. the Kings and Queens of the Hill of Garbage and Poison in the Valley of Endless Entertainment & Shopping. I&I faith and overstanding is that, Almighty Selassie will make the end to the tradition of babylonialisim and to the urban as also to the non-urban traditionalists of the false gods. HIM will make it with Volcanos, Earth Quakes and Thunder. Actually I&I see that this operation of the judgemantal raid is going on right now in the various part of the earth. And seeing that, it is not only I&I private privilege. Every one can see the same thing, just to hear how the brimstone thundering, how earth quakes roaring, just to check out the news about floods and works of the volcanos and flames of the fire, and then think and meditate... In a same way, also the knowledge of the divine qualites of man and ingeles is available for anyone who has a interest and who is a devoted to meditate HIM and beautiness of His laws.

Yes I, once again we find ourselves before this same truth: no secret number games or esoteric signs collecting is needed. Obedience is nuff and obedience is the must. Obedience to live with the divine art of life, obedience to stay alive, not die. True yah, that is a little, simple message of I&I: not to believe in the negative rumors, it is not necessary to go to this funeral choir road, there is also other kind of landscape open. The landscape of the eternity. It remind us of the original mission of the hola ones; conquering age, pain and death. That mission could to be fullfilled only within perfection and perfect humbleness to the Divine Order, but I&I has not overwhelming evidences concerning this truth. I&I can only say, try obedience and perfection, and SEE WHAT WILL HAPPEN.

Ises every time.

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yes rose...one must site HIM to be Rastafar I!!!
yes EVERYONE, Rastafari is not Rastafari w/o HIM

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