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""and it makes the previous postings of all parties vain and futile..."

How did you deduce this? Explain!"

it is vain and futile because nothing has changed...what ur talking about is evident without u or I think Ras Tyehimba, posting it...what u bring for consideration is nothing new...u know that...

given the situation on this forum...things were brought to 'light', that was 'already' there in the 'dark'...so again I say nothing has changed...well this is true if the intent of the post or postings of ones was to better the situation...

"Is there some law that says people have to agree on everything or they cannot have a difference in opinion? "

nothing is wrong with peoples opinions...but when peoples opinions dictate my well-being...my financial sitaution...my health...etc...those opinions has truly stepped out of its boundries...

...and circumstances like that I literaly can't afford to "agree to disagree"...coz that is going to lead INI to do things I don't realy want to do...coz then 'I have no choice'...

"But you see that I am participating unless participating means to respond to you only"

aaaah...be nice...I never runn u down, when u didn't reply to I on the "who feels it knows it..." thread u posted...so ofcourse I'm talking to all including I self...plus I don't realy have the time all the time to be posting messages all day...we have works to do...just as alot of people here I assume...

"If this part of your post is addressed to I, you will have to first explain how my position is wrong"

I'm not saying ur wrong...I'm not saying anyone is wrong...I came to that discussion asking questions...and little by little expressing where I'm coming from so that people can better respond to I in my position...I suggest a different approach because sometimes people tend to cling to certain things in a message and completely misunderstand the message...just like how some people learn things better visualy then verbaly...

"We do not all have to agree as we are not all going the same place, and if so, at the same time. I am quite aware that many are not where they profess to be and I am reasonably certain that their idea of heaven is hell for me. "

IIIIHHH...so check it...when I speak of agreements...i'm not talking about that in the sense of reasoning on a computer...I'm talking about disagreements in wich someone is willing and qualified to work, is denied, because the employer still disagrees that they deserve that job...and the reasons that employer have for disagreeing is what I disagree with...

I keep this in mind when I reason about these things on this forum...so any responses I get I discern how I can apply this literaly...within society...so again I can't afford to 'agree to disagree'...

and pertaining to the issues raised by urself and Ras Tyehimba, I feel ultimately we can't afford to 'agree to disagree'...its literaly delaying the 'great future' for the generations to come...

agree or disagree?

"sending personal threats and other forms of hate mail"

And I don't think ones want to hear my opinion about certain ones actions on the forum...and moreover it is irrelevent to what the forum is for and why I come here...naturaly

so we keep it focused...yeh



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