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Re: AIDS??? Binghi I, let ini reason......... *LINK*
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Greetings Fyah!

I sight that we have to question the Aids establishment , the medical Maffia. INI have to doubt and question till ini KNOW what is really going on!

What i would like to know is:

Is it AIDS supposedly caused by HIV or is it poverty, low hygene, unclean water, vaccinations, malnutrition etc and numerous traditional African diseases easily infecting persons because of low immunity, that is killing our people?

Scientifically there is NOT ONE reliable HIV test.NOT ONE! How AIDS is determined in Africa is different as in Europe and the US. That same diagnosis could be given to people with Malaria and TBC, as a white US docter testified while working in Somalia. He said that according to the African medical definition of Aids which is FIRST based on symptoms like diarreea, body weight loss, high fever and many symptoms shown by numerous traditional diseases like Malaria for example, he himself would have been diagnosed HIV positive test.

There are numerous conditions where test show false positives, and the chemocoktails kill more than the so called virus self. In Africa a very widesrpead and popular test is the ELISA test. THe US Food and Drug administration has disaproved this test and has it written on the text of the box that this test is not reliable. It has not been scientifically proven that AIDS is caused by HIV.
There never was a isolation of the Aids virus,this is needed to unrefutably test, and test and test till 100% reliability.

They scare us with numbers and estimates everyday tru mainstream media, JUST TO GET AFRICANS TO PUT ON THE RUBBER "CONDEMN" and decrease in fertility to support their overpopulation myth. Europe is the one that's really dying out as there are growing numbers of old aged people and a declining child birth rate.
In other words in places like Germany, Holland there are more people dying then children being born. In Africa despite the death tolls, there are FAAAAAR more babies born then people get dying so there is a healthy positive population growth.

President Mbeki and the ANC where under fire for denying the AIDS pandemic. I posted a summary of the ANC study to the govermental approach to this so called , if the i has time , i hope the i reads it and reply to i what the i think about it. I will post it again on this thread and await the i response.

Rastafari and Itege Menen Ises always!!!

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