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Re: Rastafari goverment help?????
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Greetings Africans,

Hmm, interesting topic!

I see it as a human right,

I personally sight that ini have to look at it from more a taxpayers/legal citizens perspective.
InI as Rastafari or any other citizen or inhabitant of a country are entitled to the same rights, according to their own laws. I see it as taking back from them on I own terms what them took from i , rather then recieving help.

Think about it in this way, down here in Europe as over there in US,Caribeans and any other capitalist nation, every eurodollar ones spend, ones pay tax, every eurodollar ones recieve tru the system of salaries etc, ones pay more taxes again. In short, these governments squeeze out the finances of the people tru tax and other means.

I sight that if there are ways ini can get those same funds and cashflow to flow ini direction then ini should use it for the better. Remember there are thousands of NGO's and other organisations recieving funds for the most destructive and useless means.

INI should be able to operate, independanlty without the outside governmental help, yet if funds from outside can contribute to achieve ones goals, then go for it!

I give thanks for this topic....

Rastafari and Itege Menen Ises!

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Rastafari goverment help?????
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Re: Rastafari goverment help?????
Re: Rastafari goverment help?????
Re: Rastafari goverment help?????
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