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Re: persistence
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Youth man...WISE-UP!

You tread a slippery slope.. as arrogance will yet be your down fall if not careful to look where you step..open your ears and listen...open your eyes and see! Mental conditioning has many layers to peel...but hey...you are here...and submitting to the powers of Reasoning..so that says something.. IF you can apply the wisdom to listen, learn, and grow!

There are many generalizations that fit the rule of thumb regarding Whites around the GLOBE..one need not look very far to see beyond the very tip of one's own nose..but yes...there are also few exceptions to the rule...but truly..far "fewer" than "many." Disassociating yourself from European history (of which you benefit from) by stating "your ancestors had nothing to do with slavery" will get you nowhere fast.. but only continue to perpetuate the supremist White mindset that is "the issue" of this day!..Come again...reflect...acknowledge..and go through!

Set the example then, if you in fact feel that you are indeed one of the "few" good whites by your CONDUCT.. and not your need to win approval by spewing some Haile Selassie quotes and speaches to "show" informed Blacks how "down" you are...or "who" you are within the house of Rastafari

It is always good to hear the voice of Youth..HOWEVER...take heed of guidance..and always be willing to CHECK YOURSELF in light of Higher Reasoning..."humbleness" is a worthy virtue to him that value such things..

"The danger in studying the past lies in the "PURPOSE." Are we studying it for personal achievment, that is to get a degree, to attain stature, respect, for financial gain, for power and control of others through information, to prove that we are better than someone else, or to understand and assist ourselves and others in the journey of life, the highest goal of service? Surely, TRUTH must be our goal, as nothing else can set us free."

Muata Ashby

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