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Energy And Time Is Not To Be Wasted!

Why whites or very near whites think by socially mixing with pure Negroid Africans, having sexual intercourses with pure Negroid Africans, by mimicking and thinking like strong- progressive Negroid Africans that it would some way give them ultimate authority over the pure Negroid Africans? These whites and very near whites may call themselves Blacks, Rastafarians, Pan-Africanistists, Philanthropists to Negroid Africans or whatever they will, it no way qualify them to be supreme judges of Negroid Africans particularly not in the communities of Negroid Africans! We the dark skinned men and woman of this world are cunningly discriminated against and denied our full Rights in their social institutions and governments, what make them believe they have the Right and Liberty to force their prejudicial control in our minds and communities?

Having jumped the broom with Rastafari and Afrocentricity these whites and very near whites (who can pass physically and visibly for whites that they pass the barriers of prejudice and discrimination) automatically think that they have the sympathy of Negroid Africans. They try to further strengthen their influential positions by stirring us against their Caucasoid brethren to win our deeper sympathy. Confident, they then try to dictate to us what we should do in the interest of our Race and which leadership we should chose for our own Negroid Race. All we (they deem) the unintelligent Negroid Blacks have to do is to be humble and obedient and everything will work out well with them....The possibility that we the dark skinned Negroid Black men and woman could demand the lead of our own communities (thus rise above them) or disagree with them drives them to madness to the point that they will get so upset that they will accuse us (the most insulted and disrespected in this world for no other reason for our race and color) to be RACISTS to "light skinned"Africans?!! Yes, they go accusing us of being Racists to them the "light skinned" Africans, them who have little or NO Negroid ancestry, they have got to be kidding !!!

Indeed when we the very dark skinned Africans try to promote our own ideals for leadership, these whites and the very near whites get so upset, that they abuse their freedom of speech with a lack of sensibility and intelligence. They go making comments full of reeks and false accusations of Negroid Blacks' characters. They demonstrate incapability of presenting non-emotional counter-arguments without knee-jerking reactions.... Their feelings are so hurt that they continue to make outrageous claims of proud Negroid Africans not being Rastafarians in the first place, as claiming that we the pure Negroid Africans are not BLACKS in the first place!! These instances display their Dishonesty and idiocy, proves even more their lack of motives for the advancement of the very dark men and women. Their hidden program is to draw Shame unto our Negroid Race. Their sole purpose is to retire all Ability and Merit form us, to grossly misguide us while their self-seeking and unconcealed Racists Caucasoid brethren will go accumulating their wealth by robbing, exploiting and plundering us even more.

To these whites and very near whites, we the determined and Independent Negroid Africans tell you: share your views and opinions without attacking us because your vile attacks and accusations are absolutely devoid of any value and authority in sound Negroid AFRIKAN communities, created and managed by sound Negroid AFRIKAN men and women! Stare the height of your own Arrogance bogus philanthropy to come in a BLACK/ African community as the Rastafarianspeaks Board and criticize its dark skinned Negroid Members and Management because our views don't conform yours! Certainly, Rastafarispeaks is a Black-Rastafarian Forum, where any BLACK Member or Moderator should no way tolerate any insults that is interpreted to us as disrespect to our Integrity, Race and humanhood. Why should we allow your vile derogatory words to describe or attack our authenticity and honesty? Should we let you destroy our Black-Rastafarian community? No! We the enlightened Negroid Africans are all too aware of the kind of havoc your hateful minds can bring to Black communities that are otherwise liberated and attractive. You snakes are not interested in dialogue to mend relations between the races to build up a strong Negroid Race; you are only interested in causing disturbance. We, the educated and daring dark skinned colored men and women will partake in the challenging of your prejudice always! We the Negroid Black men and women, victimcs of ALL the wrongs and outrages in this world, will yield nothing in the desire to please you Caucasoids or very near Caucasoid, if it is not for our sole interest and survival. We will always ward off your deceit and insulting behaviors to our Souls and Humanhood.

It's truly pathetic, that you get so upset about ambitious Negroid Blacks who are really not a threat to you, like you are really to us. There are millions of self-loathing and uninformed Negroid people to fool in this world. If your prejudicial scheme gets exposed don't waste precious time whining here but go fool other Blacks in another place. Hypocrites and trolls are not allowed to roam in this Negroid community here, intelligent and self-loving Negroid Africans have no time with unproductive babbling and continual insults. Energy and time is not to be wasted, that is the wise saying of astute Negroid Africans!


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