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black people

greetings in the name of the most high jah rastafari and h.i.m. queen empress menen i and i bredren king emmanuel i. one black love black people. iman hope i am not the only one that feels the bad vibes here and iman not talking about the site owners and maintainers. iman a speak directly about the white rasta dem.

Black supremacy is racism and a dead end

I live in a rich European Contry called Austria, my mother is a teacher and my father has a little company. I live good here....

Look at them High-Society-Rapper who live in Beverly Hills or so, look at them Snoop Doggs!

I sent my money to Ethiopia to build up Zion, because Selassie I´s return is near, and so I n I have go to Zion!
And do not tell me, you have no money to fly to Africa! Then sell the computer in front of you!
And stop to think in colour!
I'm a white middle class youth. My father teaches history at Georgia State University, and my mother works for the Society of Biblical Literature, a non-profit press that publishes books about religion and the ancient Near East. I'm definitly middle class, but not super wealthy

Whitey can't go to heaven

I am a white Rastafarian, one of my bredren is white too, he helped in Shash and Addis dem bredren. While black bredren sat down and did nothing to establish Rasta in Ethiopia!

And I would believe them, when I wouldn´t have white Rasta-Bredren who did much more for Zion land than many blacks!

I&I personally don't sight color within Rastafari

Still, certain ones on this site seem to thing Rastafari is a socio-political movement livicated to the same struggles as a Black Panther or something

When a white person becomes a Rasta he is wiped clean of all whitness meaning way of thinking and accepts the truth about himself that yes he is from Africa

So one a so called white person becomes Rasta he ain't white european or cacausian he sees himself as an african the orginal man. And with that he steps out of the x-world and moves forward to zion.
praise Rastafari.

you see. black people live up because this was just some quotes from today and its only 1pm. iman publicly disagreed with ayinde about his article because i was caught up in only thinking about racism as far as i circle extended. paying attention to life since and really paying attention to the ones on this board makes you think. iman can neva know the heart of white man cause first i dont care because i am black. but i can deal wit what comes out of ones mouths and there actions and for them you get hot fiyah seen. as far as lighskin and darkskin blacks iman give thanks to the i's dem for bringing that reasoning forward cause it has caused i to chat wit black people light and dark about it. iman nah gonna come on the internet and discuss it wit you white people though because you cant reason about it because you all said you dont see color. well you gone clear from i reasoning because iman needs to talk to ones that do because babylon soldiers are seeing color and the color red makes a bull attack but the soldiers dem attack black.

one black love

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black people
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