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See what I Mean .

Imaging a post like this will get less response and fade away, while a negative post will get all the responses with no solution to all the Aches and pains of the sufferers(Africans) struggles. So this is what life is all about ire.

Africa continue towards it's redemption journey regardless of what the evil forces may do or say. Never worry Rasta. Jah Is I and I guidance and itection. Africa will conquer all it's trespassers some bright day. Even in the irits ire.

Thousands of years of the sufferation of the African Peoples at home and abroad, cannot be wiped away so easily. The ivers will tell that Ras.

One thing that I will always say is that the Constitution of the EWFInc is a main solution to I and I problems as a people. I and I just have to research this situation more closely.
66 years ago the people were given this iteful gift to be able to come under an umbrella that will shelter us all as a struggling people and instead of keeping in line with the call. I and I just continue to fuss and fight everyday and have to blame others for I and I down fall as an African people.
I and I really must do better than that. This is the ripe iver to get together in the African Union foundation, and make sure that those new African leaders who inherit this Charter that took over from the Organization of African Unity, do their duty and free this present dispensation of Africans from all their struggles.
Brothers and sisthren everytime I hear the crack of the whip my blood run cold. I remmember on that slave ship how they brutalized our very souls. this is serious business ire. It still continue.

I and I people have to stop fogetting and wake up from this slumber and seek for justice and rights as Royal Son and Daughters of this earth. Not just Africa, the World.
That is why I love the Ethiopian World Federation Inc,for what it stands for.The Father Haile I Selassie I saw the need for the world inity, and so He had to send an Organization to do this for the people, and yet the majority deny Him and turn their backs against Ras Tafari and His foundation.

Now what is happening here. RasTafari Children survived all the great tribulations and is now the exalted ones who were given this divne duty to help out with this division business here on earth.
I Ninja Ras calling for Inity and Love all people. This will conquer the Babywrong Shitstem because I and I can never do that physically, No way.
I and I have to start Raspecting one another ways of life and come together as one to do this great divine duty of world inity. Africans now have the main part of this duty ire.
That don't mean that I and I have to let anyone do I and I anymore wrong. Get up and Stand up for your rights people. Africa have to be Africa always. No so???

Haile I Selassie I. Jah Rastafari. Niyabinghi I.

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See what I Mean .
The Almighty is I and I guide always

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