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Update on Mumia's Health; Calling a New Campaign
In Response To: Why MUMIA needs GARLIC ()

Please take Mumia's situation in prison very seriously ~ do not forget sister Merle Africa who died in prison. A perfectly healthy woman! Pay attention! Please!


Update on Mumia's Health, Calling a New Campaign, and the Death of a beloved Comrade

1. Update on Mumia's medical condition

2. Direct action campaign: calling all supporters to send garlic to SCI Greene Prison

1. Mumia was examined by a prison physician on Friday, August 22 and was told that the swelling, pain and darkening he was experiencing in his feet was actually caused by overly tight cuffs on his sweatpants which, it was claimed, had cut off circulation to his feet.

Needless to say, Mumia and ICFFMAJ are not satisfied with this diagnosis and remain concerned that it may be something more serious. Mumia has still not been examined by an outside doctor of his choice, and has not been given fresh garlic, per his repeated requests, which he will use to boost his body's immune system and innate healing capacity. Garlic is also a natural blood thinner.

As has been stressed before, we are concerned about Mumia's condition in part because health conditions easily become magnified in prison conditions, where forced inactivity, social isolation, a poor diet and mental and emotional stress take their toll on a prisoner's health. Death due to neglect and misdiagnosis of illness in prison is common and is an unrecognized but effective "death penalty" in U.S. prisons, and there are an alarming number of cases of death among prisoners from what should have been minor illnesses. .

2. We are calling upon all of Mumia's supporters to engage in a creative "direct action" to show our brother's captors that we are serious by sending cloves or whole heads of fresh garlic to Mumia in prison, care of SCI Greene's Superintendent. Please include a note urging them to provide garlic to Mumia, and to allow him to be examined by a doctor of his choice, and mention that at SCI Graterford, fresh garlic is available to prisoners through commissary.

Please enclose your garlic in a sturdy envelope with a note instructing the Superintendent to provide garlic to Mumia and mail it using the following address:

Mumia Abu-Jamal

C/o Superintendent Folino

SCI Greene

169 Progress Drive

Waynesburg, PA 15370

Please also continue to call the prison to demand that Mumia be seen by an outside physician of his choice:

(724) 852-2902

Daytime: ask for Superintendent Folino Evening/Nighttime: ask for Captain Hall

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Update on Mumia's Health; Calling a New Campaign
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