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Passing on of Sister Safiya Bukari

Most of ya'll know sister Safiya Bukari; she was a member of the Black Panther Party and also a target of the FBI for her involvement with the Black Liberation Army.

She was also a coordinator of the New York Free Mumia abu Jamal Coalition and an integral part of the organizing to get amnesty and recognition for political prisoners, known as the Jericho Movement.

When she was imprisoned she was one of the founders of Mothers/Men Inside Loving Kids (MILK) that was dedicated to keeping communication between parents serving long sentences in prison and their children.

Sis Bukari was truly a warrior sister. When she had her show on the radio in NY I loved it (when I could tune it in) because she would always open with one of Mumia's tapes.

She was a loving person when you met her and not overwhelmed with her self and her status; but she had a real presence about herself. She is irreplaceable in our hearts and minds and even though we know the struggle must continue, one of it's brightest and hardest-working lights has left us on this physical plain.

She will be missed and mourned, and we will honor her memory in continuing to fight even harder for Mumia abu Jamal, Leonard Peltier, Sundiata, and all who are victimized by this system.

May the Creator and the Ancestors be pleased with her hard work and always outstretched arms. We love you sis.

Ameen! Ashe! Hotep! Heri!

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Passing on of Sister Safiya Bukari
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