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Re: Mutabaruka: Rastas indisciplined use of ganja

This is one reasoning that has always gotten I.

Truthfully man has free will to do what they please, But I know plenty plenty brethren that smoke the herb to an unbelieveable extent. I humbly have stated before that Ganjah is not for everyone, and that Herbs is not just identified with Ganjah but its a vast viarety of herbs used for the healing of man. Again I'm just stating My opnion. I am not trying to be some leader here or change anything. But my experince with Herb has been a total different experience now from when I started this trod in my teens.And this experience has caused I to leave the Ganjah alone and seek new remedies for my spiritual growth and health needs. I dont fight Ganjah down never, but when it is misused or grown for selfish and non healing and meditative reasons, it devalues its true purpose. We can't play out everything that makes us feel comfortable, or at ease or hola. It needs to be respected and seen as a form of spiritual growth. Ganjah to I was a step for growth, Now personally I dont need that particular herb to keep my meds, I use other herbs that are for I, ones that are used for ones born under my sign and tribe.Not every body is the same. so each body must be given its proper herb, food exercise, meditation to keep balanced

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Re: Mutabaruka: Rastas indisciplined use of ganja

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