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DJ Ital, I am also in NYC, if the I give a link, there is some pertinent material, I would like to present the I with. Please feel free to link I on my pager: 917-792-0327.

Yow, diyouth, as DJ Ital sey, we live a Boo York, guns and violence is an everyday reality. I'n'I have lost close friends in this manner, so sometimes it is a painful thing to visit in discussion. It was earlier this year I looked through my window and there was a whole bunch of five-o in front of my building. The next morning I learnt someone was shot and possible dead. There was a trail of blood running the entire block. Jah sent the rain that day to wash it all away. But I still remember the blood on the sidewalk. The police came knocking on my door that night, I guess to ask if I saw anything. I didn't answer the door. For one I didn't want to speak to them. After all I had not seen a thing. I actually knew they were there because a friend who visited I earlier that evening made I aware that cops were all over the block. My windows were closed so I never heard the gunshot/s.

It is unfortunate what is happening. But the problem will only be solved when young poverty stricken youths can no longer have access to tech-9's and whatever is the latest killing machine they are brandishing these days. In Harlem where I live, there are no gun shops or manufacturers, so there has to be someone who is providing this means. On one hand I am aware that there are gun runners from Florida and Virginia that brings most of the weapons to NY. From what I have personally seen and info that I am privy to, it is as much a money making scheme as is the selling of drugs that have been devastating the community. I have had the opportunity of owning several weapons, which I have refused. I do not like guns and I refuse to own one. I was taught to shoot a gun by my uncle when I was a little girl. Those days we use to fire at birds way in the bush. Then you never heard of a human being shot unless it was a grave mistake. My uncle who lives in Florida still carries a gun. Matter of the fact he has several legal firearms. He always did, yet he has never hurt a human being with one in his life. All my male cousins in Florida carry a license firearm, yet none of them have ever been involved in any such confrontations that might require shots being fired. Everytime I visit with them, it is pure argument because I'n'I no see no need for them to even own one. When we get in the car to go anywhere, I make sure they leave their tools at home or else I refuse to go. My whole thing is if you do not carry a gun, then you won't have the opportunity use. I know how one feels when they carry a gun. I temporarily carried one in JA and for a time here in NY. The one I had in NY was like a pen. You could go to prison for fifteen years for possession of that firearm. It was stolen from I and that was a blessing in disguise.

The cops in NY, finds time to beat, shoot and arbitrarily lock up black men. They have time to take bribes from notorious drug dealers in return they give protection. They work undercover all over the inner cities here in NY, becoming crackheads themselves. Yet they cannot stem the flow of guns in NY. They cannot stop the proliferation of gun crimes here in NY. Some of these officers are directly involved with the gun trafficking here in the city. So what is going happen diyouth, when all these scenarios are been played.

The disgrace of it all is that none of these law enforcers children will not die, shot like a dog on the streets. They will stay warm and cozy in there beds in suburban Amerikkkaa and speak ill of the black youths that turn out to be a 'johnny to bad'. Just as they did with the crack cocaine, same as it is with the guns. White manufacture guns, blacks use them to kill each other. Whites allow tons of cocaine to pass through the Amerikkkan borders and they end up in the black communities. That is the story. It is the same in JA, excepting most of the perpetrators are black. So where do we go from here? Where diyouth? Where? Bless, Love.

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