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Ras Terms the problem is when one decides who should be the leader in the house of Rasta. This is not a babylonian committee or organization that begs to nominate a person as leader. This is a way of life that ask each and everyone to be a leader in the house of the rising sun. A kind of leader that gives the masses an opportunity to realize that they are also responsible for the upliftment of themselves and their fellow wo/man. A leader who is willing to teach and learn at the same time. One who will lead but in turn is able to follow also. A leader who stands on firm moral grounds in everything that she or he does or say. A leader following directly in the footsteps of HIS and HER Imperial Majesty and the fore runners whom have set down the instructions for I'n'I to follow.

The leader of the most highest moral example is the one you can even blindly follow for he or she will not lead you astray. He or she will not use words or actions that lead to division within the nation, the city, the community or the spiritual gathering.

There is much discussion here on race and everyone has their two cents including myself. Some of us want to sweep it under the rug. Some want to gloss it over with words of peace and one love. Some wish to totally deny that there is a problem of racial inequality by drawing upon the words of HIS Majesty, not reading with clarity what I'n'I Jah and King combined is actually trying to impart. H.I.M. has given several intructions on the issue of racial inequality. HE has told us how we should go about combatting this insidious evil that has pervaded society and has been the reason for the death of millions of black and brown peoples for centuries, yet in the name of Rastafari they will come here making inane statements regarding what H.I.M. said or didn't say. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to decipher what HIS Majesty has said. In clear and concise language I'n'I Jah and King has shown us what life has taught H.I.M. and us, that until that day if racial inequality is not addressed and taken care of their will be war and we Afrikans in the Diaspora and on the Continent will fight if we find it NECESSARY. So when I'n'I is attacked because of the degree of melanin, I'n'I possess and I'n'I Right to be black, when I was born black, then there must be war. Whether it is of words or swords, it is war.

I'n'I white sistren and brethren of this movement of Jah people must know and overstand the reason for this continual discourse on race and racial inequality. To become offended by this discussion will serve only to highlight the remnants of your priviledge and entitlement of being white. But if you are willing to openly and honestly engage in such a discourse then we can peacefully remove the layers of pain and hurt that exist among the collective of I'n'I people, especially the blacker black. However one should overstand and be fully aware that the pain felt by blacks all across the board does not come in degrees. It is the same pain felt with the same intensity, giving off the same reaction. And no amount of division by some who call ourselves educated enough to address this issue will deny the sameness and severity of that pain.

The white caucasian who come to see Rasta will begin to feel some of this pain as he calls upon a Black God. He will begin to feel and overstand some of the reasons why the black man and woman is wary of them as they initially enters the movement. He or she will also overstand the continued suspicion of them if they have a world view of the suffering of black and brown peoples of this planet and so will some of the light skinned negroes whom have bought into the idea that the lightness of their skin will get them across the borders.

There was a post made to the effect that social class hinders a black person from feeling the full pain of another who might have suffered from poverty and discrimination. Well some of us might not have suffered from poverty but not one single black person whether they are of the highest yellow or of the highest divine blackness, cannot truly say they have not felt that universal pain of being relegated to being less than human because they are not caucasian. Even the high yellow passing as white suffers this, if not more so than the blacker black. Because here this passing white person is subjected to the constant racism and prejudice against there own but because of deep psychological reasons is unable to do or say anything in defense of his/her people. Can one imagine how much pain this must cost these individuals. That is the price you pay for passing, but I still maintain the suffering is still the same, no matter the degrees of melanin you possess. I being a light skinned Afrikan, growing up in JA in what could be referred to as a low income status does not reserve the right to feel I suffered more from racism than the blacker black who didn't feel for money and material things. To think, feel or to even say that is to bring about divisiveness and that is the crux of the problem. The ability of willie lynchism to invade our consciousness and then comes the analytic criticism of who feels it more knows it more so they are better able to lead this Rasta Movement. This just another attempt at divisiveness and must be called out whether it is coming from another "educated negro" or a racist white bastard.

Rastafari always in root and right, in truth and light. Blessed heart of Love.

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