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I'n'I Majesties Speaks! We listen and take heed.

Introduction and excerpt from press conference at UN HQ during H.I.M.'s visit to the US:

Introducing His Imperial Majesty, the President of the Foreign Press Association said: With deference, we are happy to pay tribute to Your Imperial Majesty, and in so doing, on behalf of many of us. I should like to express our emotion at seeing You in the United Nations. For men of my generation, particularly brought up inour youth in the cult of freedom and dignity, You already, twenty-eight years ago, were an authentic hero of legends, namely a man who dedicated his courage and faith to the defense of human rights, be they of HIS country or anywhere else in the world. The destiny of Your Imperial Majesty was and still is a great one, and Your presence today in this great home, a distant heir of the League of Nations that was so tragically unjust to You, is one of the very few symbols of poetic justice. But You have seen the immense emancipation of Afrika, and it was You who were the first and the greates inspiration of it. It is therefore, only fair and just that the forward of Afrikan indepence be organized and decided upon in Your capital.


Mr. Morrison (Ebony): I know Your Majesty is aware of the current revolution that is going on in this country on the part of some 20 million Americans of Afrikan descent. Can Your Majesty inform us whether the current status of the American Negro, with all its implicit problems of repressions, discriminations and segregation, has damaged the image of the United States nin Afrika and hindered and hampered the efforts of the United States to win friends and extend its influence on the Afrikan continent?

Emperor: I should like to say in answer to that question, there is no one actually that does not feel sand and sorry that such a struggle is takeing place anywhere in the world(the wisdom of His Majesty, unparalled!), particularly in the United States, and from my pint of view, I am quite disheartend and aggrieved when I realize that people have to struggle so much in order to attain equality that they have been denied of merely for the color of their skin. The consoling thing in this very serious and sad matter is the measures President Kennedy has taken and the whole Kennedy administration is proposing to take to bring to bear the resources of the Government to solve the problem are good and they portend good for the rights of colored people in the United States and I would add my personal hope that they will soon lead to successful solution of the sad problem. This is a problem which concerned us even before we left our country for this visit; and since we are here, in the speech we just submitted to the United Nations General Assembly this afternoon, we have also given our relevant views on the problem you have mentioned. This matte of racial discrimination is sad in two ways. ONE, IT IS SAD IN THE SENSE THAT IT AFFRONTS HUMAN DIGNITY; AND, SECONDLY, IT AFFECTS IN AN ADVERSE MANNER THE AFRIKAN PEOPLE.

I'n'I Majesties speaks once again on racial inequality. We again listen and take head. This is for those who claim to be Rasta and really adhere to the teachings of HIS Majesty and not the devil's philosphy. Rastafari!

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Re: I'n'I Majesties Speaks! We listen and take hee
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Haile HIGH!!! More Ises Rastafari!!!Give thanks.. *NM*

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