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Re: H.I.M. speech on whites in africa

On October 6th, 1963, His Imperial Majesty was the Guest on "Meet The Press" program of the NBC Radio and Television network. The moderator was Lawrence E. Spivak and the panel consisted o Milt Freudenheim (Chicago Daily News), Norman Cousins (Saturday Review), Clifton Daniel (New York Times) and Pauline Frederick (NBC News).

Lawrence Spivak introduced the Emperor with these words: "Our guest to day on Meet The Press is His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, Empreror of Ethiopia. The Emperor is the direct descendant of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, and He rules over the oldest Christian nation in the world. During His reign of more than thirty years He has been a strong advocate of collective security. His troops served with the United Nations in Korea and the Congo, and He has been in the forefront of the movement for Afrikan unity. The Emperor played a leading role in the recent conference of independent Afrikan states."

Ques: Your Imperial Majesty, last spring You were the host in Addis Ababa to the conference that formed an organization of Afrikan states. That conference took a very strong stand against the remnants, I would say, of colonialism in Afrika. Then on Frikday in Your address to the General Assembly of the United Nations You said, we Afrikans will fight if necessary. Does that mean that You think the United Afrikan states should rise force to liberate the areas still under non-Afrikan control in Afrika?

Emperor:...For this question of liberation of Afrikan countries by use of force, it is our fervent desire and wish that situations will not come to this desperate stage; but however, as I stated yesterday, if there is no recourse for liberation of people under the yoke of imperialism certainly that may be an alternative which Afrikan states would have to consider for the benefit of the continent of Afrika.

Ques: Your Majesty, in view of the Afrikan drive against colonialism and South Afrikan racism, what is the place the white man will have in Afrika? Does he have any choice between leaving or accepting domination by the Black man?

Emperor: I would say that at the Conference of Heads of Afrikan States that was held last May in the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, before signing of the Charter, I have told in the I have made to the distinguished Heads of State that poepl that were formerly under colonialist regime and who have now suffered a great deal must have the pure spirit of tending to collaborate with their former master, for otherwise, through vengeance and remorse, coexistence would not be possible and this would be detrimental to the preservation of internationl peace. I must say that black and white as a form of speech, as a means of judging mankind, should be eliminated from human society. Human beings are precisely the same whatever color, race or creed or national origin they may be.

Ques: Your Majesty, in the 16th year of the League of Nations You accurately prohesied its fate. The United Nations is in its 18th year. What to You see for its future, and why?

Emperor: In answer to that question I would say there is quite a difference in the circumstances, political circumstances, which prevailed at the time I made my speech at the League of Nations and the present time the speech I have made to the United Nations. Now the question of war or peace is of the most urgent matter, and the posing of such a question itself is actually to pose whether mankind will survive or not. Because of the gravity of the disturbance of peace at the present time the United Nations has got to strengthen itself to achieve and protect universal peace, and in the future I am hopeful and confident it will continue to expand its activities and strengthen itself so that international peace and security will not even be threatened once.

I'n'I Majesties Speak and the children of Rastafari must listen and more importantly take heed to HIS instruction. Rastafari from Creation!

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Re: H.I.M. speech on whites in africa

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