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"I can't be ignorant to think that this movement is just a Black movement...regardless of what I or Anyone elses sez...the movement is our lives... "


Diyouth wit all a Ancient MIND.......
...Di heights weh it go reach.. nuff nah go wah see it.. is not even a matter of dem dont wah see it.. inna readin di post i come fi gather a thought fi misef as well. plenty time i know seh i fall victim to ones nah support the 'livity' plenty a dem see it.. but is wah we make we mind open to.. we can make we mind open to anyting if we try really hard enuff.. slowly but surely di meditation start penetrate, an if it become a steady one it become the livity. same way plenty slave never know dem was slave. it get ingrain in dem livity.. we go call it unfortunate.. but in the mind of the ignorant are they really unfortunate?? ones go and argue well if them see what we see... well the pointthem ignorant is cus dem dont see what you see.. ad chances are you dont see what them see.. me ignorant to plenty tings what others sight to fullfill them life, likewise plenty ignorant to sight what fullfill mines, so i guess that leave I to talk how mi feel an cyah bodda wit nuh excessive arguement wit nuhbody yah now.. so i man give thanks di reasonin idren, it give a meditation to how di I feel.. mek dat strong an keep babylon FAAARRR.. cah ini responsible fi i owna salvation..


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Racial stumbles...
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Re: Racial stumbles...
Bless up...RASTA ISRAELITES...U Lawj *NM*

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