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TRUE TRUE TRUE, any white person who claims themselves to be conscious, and really want to work to make this world in which we live, to become a better livity, for one and all upon this earth, will first look at the long history of slave trading practices, which was put into practice, and is still being practice by white people the world over. Next they will make it their duty to confront their own mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends and all white people, and put into practice serious and practical resistance, against the evils of slave trading practices, wherever they exist upon this blessed earth. It is to be always remembered, that the Rastafari Movemant, was established as an African Liberation movemant, to struggle for the liberation of Africa and it's people everywhere, so considering that the sons and daughters of white people, benefitted greatly, from the wealth which was made from slavetrading activities, how can any white person, who is reasonable and honest, internally, think that they can come into the villages of the RASTAFARI People, and sit around with some dreadlocks on their heads, and a ganja pipe in their mouth, with some reggea music, and after learning the language and behavior, of RASTAFARI PEOPLE, consider themselves as RASTAS, and start to lay down the rules and regulations, like the white people always do where ever they may go?
There is much work to be done as it relates to challenging, the downpressive conduct of the slavemasters as we speak this very moment, and it is much better, for white people to create a movemant of resistance, against the evils of their own people, instead of trying to create a White RASTAFARI movemant, the Rastafari Movemant came about as a result of the invasion, rape, roberry, occupation and enslavement of Mama Africa and her people at home and abroad. Since we as African people have never enslaved the white people, then all you white people, who think that you are conscious, and if you would like to help to correct, the grievious slave trading mistakes of your ancestors, then go tell it on the mountains, plains, and all over Europe, that the people of African origin, everywhere upon this earth, are to be recompenced, for the wrongs which were done unto us, and that we are entitled to REPATRIATION. More than 500 years is a very long time, for any race of peoiple to be held in captivity.
Again I send many oceans of blessings to all people of good will.
Ras Marcus.

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