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Re: No Colorless Rasta Movement

I stand 100% behind every word that I have posted in that article. Every single word.!!!

I am presently finishing some work that I put off as I see no need to invest time in responding to spam on the website, known distorters, deceivers and several who break the board rules to post under many usernames to ‘big-up’ each other.

It is understandable that many will misrepresent what is placed in the article but in spite of it no one has been able to show how any aspect of what is said in that article is false. I would have happily answered more questions but I have no intention of responding to people who when shown their misrepresentations, casually move to other questions without acknowledging their error.

Of course, the article was motivated by my observations and after witnessing the disrespectful conduct of some who feel they can bully the administrators of the site to have their own way. But I am also sure that the administrators will not yield to their silly antics and ongoing attempts to disrupt these boards.

I deliberately chose to focus on the conduct and not some inflated personalities.

Some moderators on the boards have seen the evidence of the extremely poor conduct that is displayed when a few felt that they could not have their way. But running Ayinde is virtually impossible. I just leave them to display the very reason they are unsuitable for anything more than rabblerousing and grandstanding.

I will not respond to those whom I have found to be very dishonest and hostile on a continual basis whenever they cannot persuade others to blindly support their views.
So although they may feel free to post below my comments, I have chosen not to even read their responses.

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