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Re: Ninja Quiz
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Greetings Iyahmin and Fyahno

First let I man say I man studied the art call Ninjitsu, and the reason why I saying this is because I man is an Idren who used to be on the site all the ivers. I just used the Ninjitsu technique and changed my name a to be a little different poster for this year.

The answer to the quiz is as Fyahno said

The name of that great African is Menes. This Black King did a great thing in Africa to inite the two half of the then Khemet and formed the first Dynasty of our great Emperors of the so called Egyptian Dynasty.

He also carried those names Narmer and Aha, as a matter of fact, I vibe His real name was Narmer not with an M as de I said Iyahmin,nuff raspect still.

I still BIG UP de I and I them for this great effort to answer the Ninja Quiz. I am the Ninja Ras, I love African Knowledge and I love the Ras Tafari Speak site regardless of the negatives here, I learn from both sides as in Ying and Yang, for all goes together for now.

Irie New Year idren and keep up the Great works iyahmin with your Quiz for this is where we will teach others as we learn from them ourselves and that will be a great part of the conscious reasoning for they must be truth over ones opinion which can be anything less. the truth will always set I and I free from bondage.

Ras Tafari live BIG UP BIG UP. 2003 Ras Tafari Speak keep the questions coming.

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Re: Ninja Quiz
Re: Ninja Quiz

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