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greetings ankhkara, give thanks for the article, although it set off a kind of vexation inside of me. No doubt, I cannot speak for other black people, but for myself, the first thing that sets me off everytime is when its called rastafarianism ism izm............ then I usually know what comes next without even having to look. My thoughts so far in life on Solomon vary...... I suppose that's another reasoning. And as for His Majesty, I generally keep those thoughts to myself but they keep growing within and someday its all going to come pouring out like a beautiful rain. Ha ha, it's just the beginning. I don't mean to say this in a mean or judgemental way..... every huewo/man has a right to think whatever they want to think about this and that, including the rastafari movement and His Majesty.... if you ask me, because who the hell am I anyway? It's not my place to be tellen them what to think, but its not theirs to be telling me what to think either. And if they decide to come with their guns blasten at us someday, woi yoy, what a sad STATE of affairs it will be. Then their GONNA hear what I think, because committing evil in the ways most of them do, is like asking a question - the devals don't realeyes that they asked a question by committing an act, but they did, and will get an answer anyway. From ones who who found their hidden mind within the revealed mind. Why don't they just come and ask questions politley and learn from rasta? I give thanks every day. If there are devals on earth, then no doubt there are eyengels?!! Anyhow, instead of proving myself to others that are different than me, I'd rather not play their game, make my own rules and build my own destiny of my own free will jah gave me. Something lotta them crezzy baldheads go out and kill people supposedly for. hm? Take a life to save a life? Preserve and protect socalled freedom with a multi-billion dollar weapons industry? I don't think so, weaken someone elses blood to thicken your own? What kind of foolishness is this. One last thing. why do people feel they have to put rasta in some sort of category - especially in the same category as the 'taliban'/ and or al queda. One of many questions that come to mind is... does the al queda network care that their are african people IN amerikka? And other innocents as well? Very similar to the other beasties if you ask me, just in different forms. Like georgy, what kind of understanding, respect and apology has al queda shared with africa, or any other nation and people(s)? And what about people on an individual basis? How different is al queda from the european, russians, and other imperialists/colonailasts(colonialA@@STS)/christians/seculars, etc. fighting wars on other peoples land, as if no one or no thing were visible but themselves? Which brings about another most interesting question... just WHO ARE these invisible people? I think they are the so-called 'diminishing', 'crazy', and 'obsolete' rastafari nation (and not only rasta). Total nitwit that wrote this article. Do they really give a flying sh*t about anyone but themselves? Sounds kind of like most other evil entities, of one is also the u.s. govt, head of the global 'leviathon' (all powerful govt, all powerful religion - my a@@)... anyhow, respect and give thanks

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