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Africa and African American

Be it as it may, African Americans are not Africans. I'm not trying to practice some sort of divisiveness or play "the Man's game of divide and conquer" I am merely making a cultural observation. If we were to generalize or average cultural traits and values and attribute those to a continent, African Americans are unique. Are we Americans? Probably moreso then African, in this context. I know this is a touchy subject because we have fought so long to be "treated" like every other type of American, but we are Americans...we are AfricanAmericans. And, I think that's o.k.



Dear John:

There is no doubt that perception is reality. The American Jew identifies with Israel, and feels no obligation to have been born in Israel in order to willingly support Israeli causes and objectives.

So, what is it that allows an African American to say, "Be it as it may, African Americans are not Africans," to use your own words? Isn't it a result of the slavery that stripped us of our names, religion, heritage and history?

Do you see the difference? The black American says, "I am not African. I am American." But what is an American? An American is simply the remaining Native Americans, along with all the people who have either murdered Native Americans for their land, those who are taking advantage of those murders, and those who have been delivered through slavery.

Being an American makes you one of many people. So, my question to you, John, is what makes you unique? The French American identifies with being French. His identity as a Frenchman makes him unique and distinguishes him from the Polish American - who identifies with Poland, the Spanish American - who identifies with Spain, the Italian American -- who identifies with Italy, and so on.

So, now, when I come to you, John and I ask what makes you unique, what do you say?

You also write: "...we have fought so long to be "treated" like every other type of American, but we are Americans..."

Are we treated like Americans? Considering that we have been living in America since 1620, why is it that there has not been one black President, since slavery was abolished 138 years ago. Why is it that we have no voice, other than Oprah Winfrey, in the Media? Why is it that we still earn learn for doing the same work as a white American? Why is it that our newborns die more often? Why is it that we are more like to die from the stresses of living in a racist society? Why is it that when one of us speaks up for our people, 10 or 20 blacks leap forward to pull us back down? Why, John?

Tell me why?

In any event, the issue here is not really one of nationality or ethnicity. The real issue is ethical. Is it ethical to solicit the resources of a country when one is fully aware that if those resources are removed from the country, hundreds of thousands will die. That's the real question, John.


Robert A. Daniels

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