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African Origins of the Major Western Religions

I am at this time studying this book and have found it rather informative and uplifting. The books objective is to show the true origin of Western Religions.

But after reading this I thought for a while of how Rasta has adopted some of the customs of the European.

One in particular is how INI label Jesus as being divine and worshipping Jesus instead of the Most High. From I overstanding of Ancient Africa INI ancestors never worshipped an individual, but the spirit of that so called son of Jah who is none other than the Most High, which INI all possess within.

Ye are all Gods children of the Most High Jah,
I believe this proverb to be one of the most important ones to be studied and meditated upon, because it is so true and takes INI back to the overstanding of INI ancestors.

Overtanding this to be true INI question is if Jah is within INI then why is it that some search for Jah in others?

My belief is that some humans connect with their higher selves, which is Jah, more than others. But this in no way means that this person/persons should be worshipped. I believe these person/persons are but living examples to the human race to show INI that INI possess Jah within as well. And from this example it is the righteous decision of Ivery man and womban to seek to find that power within INI being.

Peace and Love,
Ras Joe

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African Origins of the Major Western Religions
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