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Re: Misery loves company
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Obviously you are not a member of the Nuwaupian Grand Lodge, The Al Mahdi Shrine Temple, or The Ancient Egiptian Order. If you were then you would know that Rev Malachi Z York communicates telepathically all the time with high level members of the orders. You would also know things are not what they appear to be. The spiritual followers have constant communication with Pops. Any man, women, or child that speaks against Pops can be either a fallen angel (jinn) who's job is to disrupt the misson of the 144,000 being raised. Or the devil (jinn) has possessed their body because of spiritual weakness and is causing them to go against their nature. The people that went to the FBI and caused Pops to get arrested are possessed by evil forces. In this case the devil (jinn) has caused people to tell lies against their teacher. Other times the jinn can cause people to commit murder, suicide and do other negative acts. These people that have made allegations against Rev Malachi Z York are possessed and do not know what they are doing, they are not in their bodies. It takes a High Level Spiritual Master like Rev Malachi Z York to free the person of the demonic possession and bring them back home (into the body). You would not understand this stuff because you never joined any of the orders. Which means you are in spiritual darkness and need to find the light.

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Misery loves company
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Re: Misery loves company
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