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None but ourselves can free our minds

By Ras Tyehimba Salandy

One pen, one word, one poem,
one person, one prayer, one deed
Is all I need
To sow the seed
Of anti- greed

Kneading the dough of spirituality
I glimpsed the glow of eternity
Go within or go without
Was the elders shout

Behold the power of the holy trinity
Divine, everlasting life entity
Atoms of bursting blinding energy
Cosmic forces in harmony


gushing Garvey and Selassie

Extracting the power of I and I... and I
Ras Tafari

Even the most low
Felt the glow
Of the most high
Fools cry as ignorance dies

The eagle and the bear who fear, deny
Spinning instead a web of unquenchable lies
But on Jah's solid rock I stand
While the ground around, a pit of treacherous quicksand

On the holy mountain I re affirmed myself unto Jah
The earth is the lord's and the fullness thereafter

In the dark earth, the birds, the beautiful trees
I felt the power
Heard nature's joyful laughter
In the simple complexity of nature, I found solace
Purifying and nourishing
My hungry soul
The sun arced across the sky
And sunk in a fiery crimson pit


But soon the moon began to sing its own song
Illuminating the darkness
Spiritual bliss filled my emptiness
I kiss Isis and Osiris
Jah love my happiness
Jah pretty face I embrace

Encased in perfect love and understanding
I self lifted, I started to sing.

Conquering Lion of Judah

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