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Africa Speaks

Developing Consciousness, Stimulating Beingness

By Ras Tyehimba Salandy


Out of a turbulent past we rise
The light of knowledge and justice shining in our eyes
Negative and positive energies clashing and producing
evolving, revolving
drums beat and ancient spirits dance and prance

The talking drums speak of mystic Pyramids, rock churches,
ancient universities, esoteric Philosophy and High Science
Trampled by the vicious cycle of Slavery and Colonialism
Isms and schisms
Opening our eyes we understood the cries
That echoed through the misty plains of time

Dispelling the propaganda of the oppressor
The slick tongued pastor, the miseducated schoolmaster,
The indifferent brother
The misguided leader
Seeking egotistic power
Taking over the role of the slave driver
Wielding the rawhide whips on the scared backs of my brothers and sisters
Great is the role of the media in oppressing Africa

World leaders claim they want peace
But there shall be no peace till the exploitation of Africa and Africans cease
For the hurt of my mother, I am hurt

Amidst a vanity kissed society
We sought our identity
Reclaiming our lost and stolen legacy
Erasing the negativity with the seed of positivity
Weaving the fabric of today with the spirituality of yesterday
The hope of tomorrow lighting the way

Knowing that when push comes to shove
There got to be love
So cloaked in Faith
We rose above the tide of hate

Unraveling the miseducation
No longer enslaved by religion
Continually battling the conglomeration of exploitational distraction

Finding our vocation,
Unleashing the power of consciousness in a poetic meditation
Sprouting universal and ancient wisdom
Deconstructing the illusion,
Unmatrixing the matrix, Undistorting the distortions

We facilitated the re-education of our nation
Understanding the need for Reparation and Land redistribution
Hence came affirmative action

I am because we are, we are because I am
Was the shout that echoed powerfully through the land
Africa for Africans, those at home and those abroad reiterated Garvey
Great was Fanon, Nkrumah, Selassie,
George Padmore, Kwame Ture, Walter Rodney
Rosa Parks, Queen Nzinga and Lorraine Hansberry
Not to forget thousands more who gave their lives and shared their dreams so we could be free

Bringing a sense of equality to this world of inequity
With rights come responsibility
Divine dignity anchored by spirituality,
In reclaiming our African self, blossomed understanding, respect and humility

A strong and confident individual nurturing a strong family
A strong family nurturing a strong community
A strong community fostering a strong unified organized nation
Ultimately……Universal liberation


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