Breaking The Spell Of The Zombie
Date: Friday, December 10 @ 15:39:32 UTC
Topic: Slavery

How far have Blacks emerged from the spell of zombie-fication?

By Ras Jahaziel
January 06, 2002

The most frustrating thing that confronts the African liberation struggle is not the blind arrogance and intransigence of THE WHITE WORLD ORDER, but the blind cooperation that the victims of white racism give to their masters. Whether it be stupidity, ignorance or lack of over-standing, there is still present amongst the vast majority of Blacks around the world, a firm resolve to cling to the yoke of racial subjugation. Perhaps it is a case of having worn the yoke so long that it has become "normal" and acceptable.

Before being colonized and domesticated, THE MELANIN PEOPLES still had their sanity, and they naturally resisted the ICE-MAN'S efforts to recreate them in a new image based upon the premise that they were an inferior species that needed to be "civilized." They had the foresight to understand that further on in the future, under the guise of civilizing them, THE ICE- MAN intended to DOMESTICATE them like dogs and cats so that their sole purpose for living would be to serve an owner, as is the case with many Blacks today.

In those early days before colonialism, domestication, and zombie-fication, common sense was common, and there were many MELANIN PEOPLE who could see that change to the slave- master's name represented the beginning of the process of ZOMBIE-FICATION. To such Melanin Peoples, it was quite clear that by renaming them, the U-ropean intended to cut them off from their ancestors and exile their spirt to that part of the spirit world that is reserved for ZOMBIES, NEGROES and other such non-entities who never ever know where they are going or where they are coming from. In the eyes of a people who had long sought to safeguard their infinity by maintaining an unbroken link with their ancestors, that would be the ultimate disgrace, for it meant giving up sovereignty over their own souls and eventually disowning or losing the memory of their origins.

THE MELANIN PEOPLES understood that in becoming John Brown or Tom, Dick and Harry there would ultimately be a severe spiritual disconnection from their source. They had no problem in understanding that the name of a person ought to be respected as that sacred space which distinguishes the individual as a unique soul within a broader cultural context that leads back to haloed origins. Hence for the African, names not only had meanings that positively affirmed the individual's self-worth and sense of unique identity, but they were also HALOED AND UN-TRANSLATABLE SOUNDS that echoed from the soul of a distant history.

Part of the secret of making a ZOMBIE is to strip a living soul of his identity and rename him in a way that says HE IS NOW THE PROPERTY OF THE NAMER. Because his right to self-definition is stripped away, his soul is therefore dislocated from its place and set a-wandering in the barren wilderness of confusion where it eventually succumbs to amnesia. This explains the condition of so many Blacks today. They are under a spell, locked in a state of amnesia. Bound by such chains of inferiority, the Zombie no longer aspires to be free from his master, for he has become a creature of his master's invention. He has been conditioned to see himself like clay in the potter's hand, and his will is no longer his own. He believes that he needs his master and gratefully clings to the garments of slavery in which his master has clothed him. Little does he realize that the first thing that amazes the free people of other races when they see him, is how remarkably long his slavery cloak has been able to endure.

When this process of ZOMBIE-FICATION has taken place long enough, the ZOMBIE will act like any other domesticated creature. Every unnatural condition that was imposed on him by force will be accepted and embraced with enthusiasm. Take for instance those Blacks who were captured and transported to THE ICE-MAN'S habitat in the northern regions of the earth with all its ice and snow and near-zero degree temperatures. When they were first brought to such regions, the first reaction of The Melanin Peoples was to shudder in disgust and long for the day of return to the land of warmth under the sun, that place where the Creator had placed them from the very beginning of times. But after a period of being FORCIBLY "seasoned" and zombified by THE ICE-MAN, such Blacks learned to "stay put." They had now forgotten their origins and were now willing to pattern themselves after THE ICE-MAN, their master. Having lost their identity and their soul, they had now become SOURCE-LESS creatures called "NEGROES." Because THE ICE-MAN had now become their god and their creator, it was easy to accept that wherever "GOD" placed them had to be good enough for them. Gone was Kunta Kinte's vision of returning home to warmer climes.

The whole thinking of THE ZOMBIE goes like this: "Whatever the Ice-man does is good enough with me. He called me Tom Brown and that is cool, even though just like a prison number it makes no sense other than the affirmation that I am now THE ICE-MAN'S PROPERTY. Since I am already his tool I may as well be contented to be his fool. If he places me on the North Pole I will learn to love it, because THE ICEMAN KNOWS BEST." After such a long sojourn on the Plantation, there are very few wise men remaining who understand that when a name is stripped of meaning and the echo of its sound begins in THE BIG HOUSE, that soul has been spiritually assassinated.

But on the spiritual level, the ZOMBIE-FICATION or DOMESTICATION that now plagues the Negro is more serious than that, for it has also entered into the realms of his perception of THE GOD-HEAD. A few thousand years ago during the Roman dispensation, The Ice-man discovered that a certain local hero in Galilee was about to become a legend. Some had said that this Black man would become A GOD to his people. So what did the Romans do? They killed the man, RENAMED HIM after his death and resurrected him IN A WHITE IMAGE. But why did they do such a thing like that and try to translate the un-translatable? They realized that THE POWER TO NAME A PEOPLE'S GOD also gave them the authority TO STAND IN THE PLACE OF THAT GOD. Do you think it is an accident that a certain man today called The Pope has a title which is interpreted "HE WHO STANDS IN THE PLACE OF CHRIST"? By renaming the man and recreating his image in a completely dissimilar form, The Ice-Man effectively secured for THE IMPERSONATOR that worship which would have otherwise gone to the original man. By surrounding THE FALSE NAME with an aura of fear and reverence, and spectacular ritual, the reign of the impersonator was secured.

If we were fully cognizant of the sanctity and inviolability of a person's name as did our ancestors, we would never settle for those names that THE ICE-MAN, THE SLAVER AND THE IMPOSTER invented.

The present wide-spread acceptance of the names and definitions that have been imposed by THE SLAVE MASTER is a sure indication of how far Negroes have emerged from the spell of ZOMBIE-FICATION.

When will we break the spell that has artificially placed THE ICE-MAN in the center of the Black constellation? How long will we "stay put" ? How can we truly reject slavery without expelling THE SLAVER from the seat of our God-head?

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