Rastafari and the WorkPlace
Date: Thursday, February 03 @ 14:25:22 UTC
Topic: Dreadlocks

In the workplace many bosses who claim they accept persons with locks, are not so acceptant of their staff being Rastafarian after all and I am not necessarily referring to the wearing of locks part. Actually it seems many bosses are wolves in sheep clothing meaning they accept you with your locks since so many persons in the community have locks, some for convenience, some for style and those who are Rastafarian, but at the interview stage they can't say who is who. So they hire you and you work for them but then they start to ask you personal questions on different occasions when they run into you as they try to find out more about you and then what you start to realize is that they have a BIG problem with a Rastafarian person but by all means they hide it in a smart way.

For instance they want to know why you chose to be a Rasta, they want to know what it is like being a Rasta, then they may come and say "oh did you start on your own?", "did someone force you into it?" All types of questions they ask so they could find an answer and analyze but as Sizzla Kalongi sings in his song "Yes you gotta be strong and endure the best you can". You must keep strong if not they will try to break you.

And this all comes from society in general because society has inflicted on its citizens' minds so much that it is almost a taboo to have your hair locksed and say proudly you're a Rastafarian. Many in society are fine and dandy with a person having their hair locksed but as soon as one adds they are Rastafarian, different looks appear on their faces and questions just seem to rise up from the wormwood inside them. As much as society keeps saying it is going forward honestly it hasn't moved; racism is still here and discrimination against black people is such a norm. So many things society thinks they have gotten rid off is still here but in a much stronger presence. In my mind, for any society to go forward they first must rid their minds of the lies they have told and were told over the years and wake up and see that they are blinded by their own selves.

Taken from my poem Wheels of Society

The wheels of society
Are stuck in smut
Lies, Injustice, Ignorance
Timidity and laziness
The very great masters of enslavement
The wheels on society
Just sit and mope
Enslave in the smut
Cause they don't know how to cope

The wheels of society
Are afraid of change
Afraid to get up, afraid to lead
Afraid to make a path and support they needs
So they go deeper in tranquility
Like looking into death waters
As shaded as one mind can see
Yet it can't see what comes in a distance
To attack thee

Poetic Princess

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